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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Today Is Recruiter Day!

Or so I have decided, all by myself.

Those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile (bless your li'l hearts), know I have a very large soft spot in my heart for recruiters. And I do not take kindly to ignorant people disrespecting my guys! Without our recruiters we would not have this incredible ALL VOLUNTEER military that we have today. So those of you who think recruiters are the spawns of Satan, go to Hell.

So many people that I have talked to who have nothing good to say about recruiters, say they have never even spoken to one. (I always ask...) They just take what the MSM and those few whiner weinies that they find to prove their "facts", as gospel. Alot of it is BS, people! The MSM takes one incident and colors the whole recruiting area with their black paintbrush. (Nothing new there...)

I live in one of the hardest areas for recruiters, as I have mentioned before. My daughter's recruiter is now in charge of the station and is doing an incredible job. (I wish he would blog. I'm working on it. lol) My husband and I gave him a good run for his money, as did my daughter. Ned is still a legend in the office as The Most Difficult Interview With a Parent. I threatened his life, and he wasted no time in informing the other recruiters about us. Heh!

But let me tell you, Sgt. W spent this last Christmas with us. And he went to Devon's high school graduation ceremony. And a couple of the recruiters came to Devon's "going into the Army" party. And he has sat with me for hours answering all my "mommy" questions and listening to our concerns. He didn't BS us and if he didn't know the answer, he went and found it. (I'd love to know what he said to the other recruiters when he got back to the office! hee hee)

Now I know that there are some "bad" recruiters out there. But not even close to as many as are reported! It's just like any other area of world. God knows, I've known some less than desirable horse traders in my day. And don't even get me started on some insurance people. In every walk of life there are those that just don't do good work. But the majority are honest, upright people who do their job well and that's especially true of recruiters.

So today, I'm going to introduce some recruiters who blog. Read their posts, see what they are up against and get to know what they really do.

Adventures of a Detailed Recruiter (SFC B's is the first recruiter's blog I came across)

Confessions of a Military Recruiter (found this blog thru SFC B. )

Recruiting Tirade (He also has a great post on the "myths" out there)

PATRIOTssg (new to recruiting - I hope he posts more)

The Adventures of MauserGirl (Here's one by a reruiter's wife - they don't have it easy)

US Army Soldiers Dutch Angel (another recruiter's wife that I just found) (the other perspective)

Again, and I will keep saying this, research the military. Find out what enlistment entails. It's all there on the web. Read the Enlistment Contract you or your child will be signing. Read the Oath they will be taking. Research the different branches of the military. Look up the word "soldier" in the dictionary. Look up the word "combat". Look up the words "service", "honor", "leadership". Read the Milblogs and find out from a firsthand perspective what's it like to fight in a war. Get as much information you can and then decide if the military is for you. You research colleges when applying. You look up info on the car you're buying. You look up info on the company you are thinking about working for. The recruiters will appreciate this, and will answer any of the questions you may have about the information you found. That's their job: to find people who will be an asset to the military.

And if you don't think we need a military or the recruiters who recruit them, you need to read this: (h/t bear creek ledger)

Muslims Muzzling Memphis
April 8th, 2006

"...I was invited to give a lecture sponsored by Professor David Patterson of the Judaic Studies Program. When news about my appearance spread, the Muslim community both on and off campus launched a full-scale campaign to stop my lecture. They demanded that Dr. Patterson cancel my speech. E-mails flooded the University of Memphis administration and Dr. Patterson from Muslim students on campus and Muslims in the community and mosques..."

Memphis, for God's sake!

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