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Monday, April 03, 2006

Stormy Monday

Well, we're going into our second month of mostly rain here on the coast. The clouds are so low today, looks like I could go out on the back porch and grab a handful. The wind is blowing and the chimes are chiming. ( you can't live in CA and not have chimes hung up outside) I think the birds are finally fed up with all the "weather" - their chirps are sounding a bit sharp lately. Our grass/weeds have grown at least 5 inches this past week and a half. I know...I've been watching. I think we've had about 6 hours of sun since February. That might be wishful thinking on my part though.

Devon is in Alabama - made it there okay. Whew! I swear I must have traveled the whole way with her! and yes, I looked up her route on MapQuest...not that I could have done anything about anything but at least I knew where she was! This Motherhood thing never takes a holiday, does it? lol! I can see me on my deathbed, asking for MapQuest for her drive home...

Today I spend packing up easter boxes for my soldiers. I figure I'll use the Peeps as cushioning. Have to have Peeps - not that anyone eats them. But apparently our illustrious soldiers find many ways to amuse themselves with them after they've hardened. And besides, what's an Easter basket without Peeps, I ask you!