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Monday, April 03, 2006

Some New (to me) Blogs - Good Reads

I love to discover new blogs! The ones written by our military never cease to amaze me with the talent shown and most of them so young! So here are a few I've just found:

Postcards From Iraq
(Centre County, PA soldiers)

2/28 BCT Iron Soldiers
PA National Guard)
(h/t to A Military Mom)
My Mom's family was from Pennsylvania - good people!)

Dispatches From Irag
(USA Today freelance reporter's blog - don't let that scare you)

Tanker Brothers
(Tanks are my favorite! and Tankers have a soft spot in my heart)

Grandma In Iraq
("My deployment to Iraq has already been a great learning experience...")

I always thought that if we sent in the Moms and Grandmas, we'd have Iraq disciplined, cleaned up and organized, the troops' laundry all washed and folded, bags packed and cookies baked, and the troops on their way home within a month. I remember my grandmas - you'd better believe things were taken care of in their company! And my Mom - well, let's just say she appeared to be 10 ft tall for most of my life...
Oh, and that Osama Bin Laden fellow? Wouldn't stand a chance - no one messes with our babies.

And I thought I was going to get through a Monday morning without being PO'd!
Just went to BLACKFIVE's blog - The Face Of War

I'm thinking an earthquake in the LA area wouldn't be so bad right now - centered at the offices of the LA Times. Damn them!

The Faces of War