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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Saturday Videos

Well, yesterday got away from me ~ hell, this whole week has!
I'm tired of all the politics and nonsense and idiocy that just keeps coming from all those Hillsitters that have a hard time with the concept that they represent the citizens of these United States, not citizens of other countries who are NOT citizens of these United States.
So I'm going to talk about my daughter (who is a citizen of these Unites States and is serving her country, which is these United States.)
She texted me the other day (I cannot believe I talk like this: "texted", "blog", "IM'd") and told me that she's heading to Alabama tomorrow to help out at the vet clinic at Tuskegee Insitution. How cool is that?! She's excited ~ she gets to wear scrubs and get out of her uniform for a couple of weeks. My little fashion bug! I'm hoping she can take photos. I'll post them if she does. I'm so proud of her! She has absolutely no idea how much she has accomplished these past 8 months. She's still in her newish nervousness. All I can say is that when this first year of being away from home is over, she's going to be able to handle so much without even batting an eye. (Hear that, honey???) I think of my first year starting out. What a mess! I didn't have a clue about anything. And unfortunetly, we both are the kind of people that hate to ask for help. Oh, we so prefer working it out on our own - lol! (I learned to ask for help alot later than she has. ) So, tomorrow she gets to drive across Georgia and into Alabama. Piece of cake after Basic and that nasty gas chamber...

She also sent me pics of three 4 week old kittens that she has been taking care of :

I hope you can see them ok. She's had alot of practice taking care of wee kittens - we've had our share! So, for those of you in the Savannah area, again, please consider Ft. Stewart's Vet Clinic for all your adoption needs.

Okay, on to the videos ~ (h/t to Liberty Just In Case. Matthew has a good one up on his Friday posting)

This is for all those of you who are missing your "ain true loves" far from home ~
(I tried to embed the videos but I couldn't get them to play, so I had to link them)

To Those We Love

and waiting for them to come home ~

Coming Home

Now go to :

Honor, Sacrifice, Duty

Have a good weekend! And remember all those who wait.

(linked to Blue Star Chronicles #8 - thanks again Beth!)