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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Our Illustrious University

"If you are reading this... thank a teacher.
If you are reading this in english...
thank a soldier."

April 11, 2006
UCSC protesters push military recruiters off campus
By Roger Sideman Sentinel Staff Writer

"Military recruiters packed up their displays and left a UC Santa Cruz job fair Tuesday after several protesters attempted to force themselves inside the fair while others blocked the entrance over the course of a tense hour-long standoff.

Citing safety concerns, the four recruiters from the Army and National Guard reversed an earlier decision to remain at the fair in a room separated from other job recruiters and protected by more than a dozen campus police.

Students Against War, or SAW, drew national attention following a similar protest against military recruiters last April when MSNBC reported that the Department of Defense surveillance program listed the group as a threat.

Under pressure from campus officials, the Pentagon says it has since removed SAW from the list.

Campus spokesperson Liz Irwin said UCSC complies with a 1995 federal law called the Solomon amendment, which denies federal funding to universities that bar military recruiters from campus. Last month, a challenge to the amendment failed in the U.S. Supreme Court."

Military Recruiters Abandon Post at UCSC Career Fair
by Vinny Lombardo Tuesday, Apr. 11, 2006 at 2:49 PM

"Military recruiters left early from a UCSC job fair today, after being disrupted by noisy protesters.

Despite heavy rainfall, some two-hundred students and others marched across campus to protest the presence of recruiters from the U.S. Air Force, Army, Marines, and the CA National Guard at the UCSC Career Fair.

UCSC Administrators say they are bound by the Supreme Court's recent ruling on the Solomon Amendment, which forces school's to accomodate military recruiters. After past protest actions at the bi-annual job fair, UCSC officials decided to seperate the military personel from other job recruiters, but protestors still managed to block access to that area. Police escorted one man in to speak with military recruiters but all media access was restricted.

After negotiations with UC officials, 10 female liasons were allowed in to dialogue with the military reps. Once inside, the women liberated many of their pamphlets and DVDs! A struggle ensued after UC Police officers tried to forcably remove the women from the building. Though no arrests were made, two women were assaulted by UC Police Officer Stevens, and a UC administrator in seprate incidents. The UC admin, Dan Woods, later publicly apologized.

As recruiters drove off, a rock was allegedly thrown at their SUV. An officer began to persue the alleged rock-thrower, and a legal observer with a camera also took chase. Kot Hordinski, the legal observer, was then arrested for "obstruction." He was released after about fifteen minutes.

Students Against War organizers, and most participants agreed the action was a success. For the third time in a row, military recruiters were confronted by large protests. The goal of getting military recruiters off campus, was reached yet agian. Many are now left wondering if military recruiters will dare to return in the fall for the next UCSC Career Fair."
Original article is at

April 12, 2006
UCSC anti-war protest prompts military reps to flee

"SANTA CRUZ — Dozens of UC Santa Cruz student and faculty anti-war activists launched protests in the rain Tuesday morning outside a campus job fair, prompting military recruiters inside to retreat from the event.

One student was arrested during the demonstration.

"It's not just about the action today, it's about creating sustained movements that directly resist the militarization of our communities," said second-year student Sam Aranke, among some 60 demonstrators. "This is about creating a community where we make the change we want to see in the world."

After a tense, hourlong standoff at the College 8 West Field House, recruiters packed up and departed in a play of events similar to a protest last April that put Students Against War, or SAW, in the national spotlight.

The student group, according to a MSNBC report, was labeled a "credible threat" to national security on a Department of Defense database after similarly forcing military representatives to leave a job fair last year.

This year, the local Marine recruitment office, also present last year, passed on the event, citing quotas that were already satisfied. The Navy, also present last year, said they applied too late to secure a table.

That left four recruiters from the Army and Army National Guard..."

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Read the rest here.

We (the locals) have a name for these students ~ "Trustaforians". (You'd think you were in Jamaica with all the "dreadlocks" sported around here, except they're on white kids. Go figure...)

I've had many conversations with my adopted recruiters about these types of confrontations (dialogues, my a$$!). They have been screamed at, threatened physically, spit on and called "baby killers" and "murderers". As I have said just recently, our recruiters are in one of the toughest areas to do their job. There are numerous protests outside the recruiting offices. And it's not only the University. The high schools have gotten into the action too. Alot of the movement to get recruiters off the schools' campuses come from parents. (I was not popular at Devon's high school, once it was known that she was joining the Army...and it was known that I wasn't getting a lawyer to sue or something.)

April 6, 2005
A UCSC police officer, who declined to be identified, grapples with a protester who burst into the Stevenson College job fair Tuesday afternoon. (Bill Lovejoy / Sentinel)

May 15, 2005

Is military recruiting in this county a tough, lonely job? Tell it to the Marines
Sentinel staff writer

"CAPITOLA — The third time a Santa Cruzan spit on Staff Sgt. Cody Wenner, a woman at the dry cleaners took pity on him and cleaned his uniform for free.

Since beginning his job in November as a U.S. Marines recruiter, Wenner has been called every dirty name in the book by people from nearly every part of the county demographic.

A Southern California surfer whose politics lean left, Wenner is about as culturally appropriate as a guy in a military uniform can get around here.
But it’s a tough crowd.

They call him "baby killer," and "body snatcher," and usually there’s profanity too, for good measure.

"I’m trying to make the best of it," Wenner says of his assignment to the area. "But this would drive a sane man crazy..."

The impact of protest

"The protesters whose actions sent recruiters scurrying during a UC Santa Cruz job fair April 5th want recruiters banned from their campus and from high schools.

A widely circulated Students Against War e-mail advertised the "Kick Military Recruiters Out of UCSC!" march.

Among reasons listed: "Discrimination against queers" in the military, a.k.a. the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy;

"Sexual harassment" in the military;

"Racism" in military recruitment practices;
and lies about college money promised to enlistees.

Recruiters "target low income people of color," says UCSC student Aaron Dankman. The military, he says, "has an avowed policy of targeting the most desperate children."

In addition, he says, recruiters exaggerate financial assistance offered by the military for college..."

Read the whole article here.

Now we can get into the concept and right of Freedom of Speech, but around here it's only "free" if it's the "right speech". If it's not, they will shut you down! Or try to really, really hard.