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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Update on PFC Joshua Sparling

Via Michele Malkin

"Many of you will remember the story of Pfc. Joshua Sparling, the wounded soldier who received a disgusting death-wish greeting card in December while hospitalized at Walter Reed Army Hospital. Sean Hannity has kept close contact with Sparling and interviewed him yesterday about his condition. Sad news:
Sparling's leg will have to be amputated below the knee--but he wants to "get back to [Fort Bragg] and "jump right back in his unit (the 82nd Airborne)." We are so fortunate to have men like Pfc. Sparling.
I've uploaded the audio. Listen
here (thanks to reader Tony J.).
Landry's Life has photos of her recent visit with Pfc. Sparling at Walter Reed.
Keep him in your prayers."

Ray Robison points out to us that the negative BS is not over for Spc Sparling.

"The liberal avenger takes a cheap shot at Michelle Malkin via the usefulness of PFC Sparling. He uses this article Josh Sparling update to launch a tyrade on the future of PFC Sparling. "

Listen to Spc Sparling's interview. I felt my heart swell with such pride as I listened to him speak of having to lose his leg and how upbeat he was about it, and as he spoke of all the others in the hospital that are worse off then he is. And how he wants to go back to his Unit.
He also spoke of all the cards and packages that come to the hospital for the soldiers there. How amazed the soldiers are that so many people that don't know them send them. He says that he believes it helps with their healing.

He still has a long road ahead of him in his healing process as do so many others at the hospital.
So how about picking up a pen and some paper and letting the soldiers know that we're praying for them and we care and that there are more who support them than don't.

PFC Joshua Sparling
c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center
6900 Georgia Avenue N.W.
Washington, DC

FYI ~ Soldiers' Angels has several projects to help support the wounded soldiers.

Blankets of Hope

Booties and Mittens

Wounded Project

(and that's not all! Go ahead > > > Check it out!)