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Monday, March 20, 2006

Showing Thanks

"So on this third anniversary, the beginning of the liberation of Iraq,
I think all Americans should offer thanks to the men and women
who wear the uniform, and their families who support them.
May God continue to bless our troops in harm's way."

-- President George W. Bush

Here we are, entering the 4th year of our Troops being in Iraq and Afghanistan. For many here at home, this is their first experience with a long term war. After a couple of mostly peaceful decades, it has left many confused or angry.

Others, such as myself, grew up with the Viet Nam War. It was a part of my daily life hearing body counts and battle details served up with dinner. Having an older brother, I was also very aware of "The Draft" and the effect it had on families. ( He wasn't drafted, which was just as well. God love him but he wasn't soldier material. Love ya , Big brother!) Many were confused and angry then.

I also grew up in New England, weaned on the Revolutionary War. Trips to battlefields and forts were always part of our vacation plans. At a very young age, I learned about the men and women who laid their lives on the line to fight for freedom and independence. Many at that time were confused and angry.

War is terrible, War is terrifying. War is, unfortunately, necessary when words have no effect with the ones doing terrible things.

And no amount of wishing it differently will make it go away. There is a faction of people who would see us overtaken and our freedoms taken away. Or dead. They are our enemy.

Our troops have stepped up and taken on the job they volunteered and swore to do. They are fighting the fight and doing an incredible job of it. No matter how hard "The Hillsitters" make it for them. Our troops continually do us proud and by God, we owe them the respect and appreciation they deserve. They are doing a job few can or sadly, would.

I am saddened by the conflict I see in my country today. I know there has always been conflicting viewpoints, opinions and beliefs at times of war. I guess what really saddens me is the complacency here in America that makes it appear that many have already forgotten 9/11. That many don't even know how many times we have been attacked by this enemy who believes that because we are not muslim, we should be dead. That so many would place their political agenda above the best interests of this country and the soldiers that fight for them. That the "story" is more important than the welfare of the soldiers. That being proud of our military and supporting their mission is akin to being a fascist. (I love that one especially - this from people that don't have a clue as to what fascism entails because they haven't been taught much history in the schools. Just ask these people to give you examples.)

Nobody in their right mind wants to go to war. Especially the soldiers and their families! For those of us who grew up with war, it's even harder because we know the costs. Yet, there are those of us who believe that some things are worth fighting for - our freedoms, our way of life, our future generations. But as with an old Chinese saying, "Talk don't cook the rice."

So on this day of the beginning of our 4th year engaged in battle with an enemy that hates us because of our freedoms and our way of life and would see us wiped off the planet, please think about the soldiers and their families. They need to know that we're watching their backs here at home, as they are watching our backs far from home.

A simple note saying Thank You sent to a soldier can make that day easier. A care package can make a whole Unit's week easier. And it does a world of good for the families too, to know that their soldiers are appreciated for the sacrifices they all are making for us.

I want to share this with you if you have any doubts about the above statement:

From an Officer in Iraq,

Just wanted to take a second to tell you what happened in Iraq today. It was raining - and I was just coming in to my headquarters when I passed by one of my newer soldiers - an immigrant from the former Soviet Union - and one of my BEST privates.

I was stopped in my tracks, for behold - on such a dreary day he was smiling. I was being funny (at first ) and I said "awww you got a package with some goodies? Who sent that to you?" And as I expected to hear him say "my mom" (or something like that ) he turned his face to me and said " I don't know....". He had a smile on his face.... and as I saw his eyes glazing over he said "that's why I was smiling". And at that my eyes began to glaze too.

I can never take for granted their service, not for one minute - not for one second. And now...even in a hell hole like this - God has sent yet another Angel.

I bet you didn't know that did you? How truly amazing - how close we come to God in such a faraway place.

And how silly I am for thinking that this private's safety is for me only to keep. Seems there are many who share this burden - and make me sleep sound.

You made one of my soldiers smile today - sitting there by himself - and for that you touched my soul.

I'd thank you but that's not why Angels do what they do ( I know ). So instead I'll just say - Well Done ! You can rest easy, message received. And I'll do my best to bring them home. I owe God one ; - )

Thank you from my soul,

P.S. From the Fourth Army son of a mom like you no doubt.

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