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Monday, March 27, 2006

Rainy Day Heart Blues

My Baby Girl's heart was broken this weekend. Her special person doesn't want to be her special person anymore. Two tearful phone calls from her and nothing I can do. I so ached to hold her close and kiss the top of her head. And not much to say. My heart hurts for her so. I wouldn't be that age again for anything in the world, (unless I could know what I know now). But that's not the way it works. She has to ride it out and go through all the tears and hurt and questions, mostly beginning with "why".

Those of us who have been around the block a few times know that you will survive and things can even get better. We also can see red flags in a person that a going-on-19 year old doesn't recognize yet. You can try to explain this to them, but they don't have a clue of what your talking about. You know, they look at you with that scrunched up face and incomprehension in their eyes. And they won't know until they have a couple more years of dating under their belts.

So, I ride it out myself, this part of my child's growing up where I am physically removed from her. The first year of our childrens' being away from home is tough so on them but also on us Moms! I would almost say tougher but she's had to do PT at 3 am and I never did. Nor am I ever likely too.

It's that little hurt voice that does me in, every time. And then the thought that someone made my Baby Girl cry and I get mad. How dare they?? They must be so messed up!! See, it's better that they are no longer a part of her life!! Oh, if I could have 10 minutes with them, I'd let them know just what kind of rock crawling scum they are! And another thing...!

But I say none of this to her. I soothe and croon and tell her it'll be better in time (God, how I hated it when my mother told me that) But years later my Mom's words were proven to be true and were a comfort when things got tough again. So we plant the seeds within our children so that they may take root as our babes grow up. And we say a prayer, or ten.

I think I'll be going to Georgia sooner than I thought.