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Saturday, March 18, 2006

My "Syndromes" - Lucky Me! I Have Two

Well, it's been one of those low energy/high pain days, so I didn't get half as much done today as I would have liked. I'm working on getting the business info ready to take to our accountant. I'm really, really behind in that. Three family deaths in one year and an enlistment kind of took me off my weekly work schedule. So I have invoices and receipts but no monthly totals. And my damn "syndromes" (there has to be a better word than that for this) knocked the stuffing out of me quite a bit this year with all the emotional "wheeee" and "WTF" I've been experiencing.

Well, I had a talk with Myself and Myself has decided that I will file an extension on my taxes. I know pretty well how much we owe (gack!!!) so I'll just send the IRS their money and give Myself a couple extra months to get the numbers crunched. Myself was very appreciative and proceeded to take a 3 hour nap. Some days there is just not enough coffee in the world and surrender is the only option or I'm screwed physically for days. Today was one such day. The animals apparently were in agreement as I and Myself woke up covered in furry bodies.

And shedding season has begun! Oh joy! Anyone want a dog and cat hair stuffed pillow? I will soon have enough "stuffing" so you can send one to your best friend or beloved family member as well. Just let me know. (just kidding - remember - taxes!)