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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Military Family Leave Bill

I received an email from Suzette Boler, the wife of a soldier who lost her job the day after her husband deployed to Iraq "for taking a 3 day unpaid leave".

You can read the whole story here.

Suzette wants to get the word out about a military family leave bill.

As she says in her email,
"...something very exciting has been happening since then. During all the publicity of my situation I met the founder of N.U.P.A.C. and Detroit's radio show host Kevin Fobbs. Mr. Fobbs has been working very hard trying to help get a bill passed that would protect military families from losing their jobs during times of deployment and homecomings, and is right now drafting a bill to be introduced.
The reason for this e-mail is that we need for all of our military families and those that care about this issue to get behind this bill.
We will be having a event in Lansing, MI the week of May 22nd 2006 to support our military families and this bill. We would love to see all of our military families and supporters there to help us get this bill passed.
There will also be a special prayer for our military and their families on National Day of Prayer May 4th 2006
I will keep everyone updated on exact day of the rally and if you have any questions please contact me.
This is a very important issue for our military and their families, so we hope to see you all come out to help us support this bill."

And as I learn more, I'll keep you updated as well.

I have a very hard time with the fact that we need a bill to be enacted to protect our military families from losing their jobs. Don't they make enough sacrifices for their country just by having a husband or wife deployed overseas? All this "I support the troops" talk from The Hillsitters...well, how about supporting the troops by making sure their families are okay while they are far from home doing their duty to their country??!! Our soldiers should not have to worry about the state of their families at home while doing their job and trying to stay alive in a warzone.

To all the employers out there who have supported the troops and their families, a Big Thank You!
To all the employers who don't seem to give a rat's a$$, get a clue!