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Thursday, March 16, 2006

It's Raining Again

It's amazing how rain can affect people who have lived in California a long time. My, my! But don't they get cranky! I have to admit that I've now been living in California long enough now to succumb to some of that crankiness myself. But how I love the green! I look out at our backyard and just soak in all that green grass and leaves. We have alot of ivy too, so even in August when most of California is brown, I still look out and see green.

Haven't heard from my soldier in a few days so she must be busy. And no news is good news. I haven't gotten any messages on my cell phone about critters needing homes, so adoptions must be taking place. The Army does not keep homeless animals around (read: alive) for more than 3 days, unless there is a good chance for adoption. Apparently, most of the homeless cats that come in are feral and non-adoptable. I so need my 12 acres and barn! We're looking to relocate within the next 2 years and thinking about West Virginia, Kentucky or Tennessee. I fell in love with West Virginia when I was there years ago. Never been to Kentucky or Tennesse but they have fine horse flesh there, and that's important! Besides, my home state of Massachsetts has gotten as wingy as California. And Vermont is just tragic. New England is not the same as when I was growing up there, sadly. Used to be folks worked hard to keep the govahment out of ouah homes. Now, seems like you can't leave your house without being affected by some rule or regulation. We have enough of that here, thank you very much!

I'm behind in my blogroll reading - I hope to catch up on that. It's like not seeing good friends for awhile. The bloggers I read help me keep sane while I reside in La La Land. There's so little support for the Military here. I realize that is true throughout the country but we're known as "Little Berkeley" here, if that gives you a better idea of the situation. I've gone up to people that (bravely) have a military branch sticker on their car to thank them for their soldier's service and they get that wary look on their face until I say that I'm an Army Mom myself. Around here, if you mention that your kid's in the military, 9 times out of 10, you get a full on rant about how evil the President is and how this war is so wrong and how could you let your child do that? Of course, that don't bother me none - heh! I have no trouble pointing out to them just how ignorant they are. But other people aren't quite as uppity as I am and it gets to them. I recently was talking to another Military Mom in the area and I was telling her how I wear my "Army Mom" sweatshirt alot and she was surprised that I would do that here. She laughed and said "You're braver than I am!" Now, isn't that something?! I'm considered "brave" because I wear a piece of clothing out in public that shows that my kid is in the military and I'm damn proud of it. I drive around town with my Army Mom license plate holder and my Army Family sticker and my POW/MIA sticker and I get some of the dirtiest looks you can imagine. My daughter came into the San Jose Airport in her BDUs and only one person went up to her and thanked her - an older woman probably in her 60's. Most others who did notice her would look away or step away. When I'm flying someplace and I see a soldier in the airport, I go right up to them, shake their hand and embarrass the hell out of them thanking them. (I restrain myself from hugging them, though that is what I so want to do - I'm a hugger, what can I say but I understand that that might be a bit much.)

I've been sitting on this for awhile. It's been brewing inside of me and I guess it just needs to come out. I've sat and cried after coming home from someplace after having such an "incident" with an anti war/ anti military stranger, thinking about all those kids over there doing "their job". I don't cry because I had someone in my face. No, I cry because people actually think like that (and have no problem telling you all about it whether they know you or not) and don't see what our Military is all about and the sacrifices they are all making to ensure that these people can continue living the life they are living. They don't think of the 19 year old who sits in the tower all night making sure all is safe at the base. They don't think of the 22 year old medic pressing gauze into the side of a wounded soldier while things are blowing up all around them. They don't think of the 20 year old soldier running while carrying an Iraqi child to safety who just got hit from a roadside bomb . Or handing out school supplies to kids going to their new school the soldiers helped build. They don't think of the soldiers right here at home that fly the helicopters rescuing people off of rooftops after a flood, taking them to a safe place or the Coast Guard rescuing people out at sea. All the while risking their lives to do so.

Damn right I wear my "Army Mom" sweatshirt as often as possible. And it's not because I'm brave ~ it's because I'm proud to be able to do so.