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Friday, March 24, 2006

I received this in my email today. I know! How lucky am I? Just goes to show you how out of touch the DSCC is with who they're sending emails to. To be honest, I'm not to happy with the Republicans right now, either. Which is why I'm an Independent. I'm fervently hoping that there are people out there who understand what the original concepts were for both parties and step forward.
(Words in Parenthisis are mine.)


George Bush is the worst president in my lifetime. (Okay, right there you've already lost me. That may be your opinion, but it ain't mine. I don't think Bush is the greatest President, but he's certainly not the worst.) To protect America's core principles (I'm not too sure you even know what America's core values are from listening to some of the speeches many of your party have given in the past few years.) from further erosion under the Bush Administration, we have to stop his extreme agenda as soon as possible. As far as I'm concerned, one of the most important things we can do is elect a Democratic Senate in November. (Of course it is! You want to stay in that little bubble world you have created where you make up the "truth" and put your political agendas above anything else.)

The best way you can help change the balance of power in Washington is to support the DSCC today. On March 31st, we face a crucial fundraising deadline in our efforts to compete with the Republicans on a level playing field. (Sounds like sore losers to me. Everything has to be "fair". "Fair" for you sounds like it means you win.) Every contribution you make before the deadline, up to $150,000, will be personally matched dollar-for-dollar by Democratic Senator Ron Wyden. We need your help right away to meet this important goal.

Click here to make a secure online contribution of $50, $75, or more. The DSCC will put your donation to work right away in the campaign to put a stop to George Bush's extreme agenda.
(#1 opportunity for me to throw away my money.)

I believe that we must take immediate action for two important reasons.

First, we desperately need moral leadership abroad, particularly in terms of what is happening in Iraq. George Bush refuses to even admit that he made mistakes, (That's not true - there you again, making things up) let alone change policies in order to correct them. A Democratic Senate will demand the truth (Which truth? Yours or what's really going on in the world?) and hold the Bush administration accountable for its actions. (Like you did with President Clinton? I really would like to know) It is up to us to change the balance of power in Washington. (Actually, I'd like to see most of you all fired - you're making a mockery out of this country on both sides of the aisle.)

Second, under George Bush's failed leadership, our government has refused to address the growing gap between rich and poor that threatens to permanently divide our country into two Americas. (Well, if you'd stop making "victims" out of everyone, maybe people would realize that are capable of accomplishing things on their own, without the "Nanny" government you are so fond of, handing them everything. Oh, but then, maybe you'd all be out of a job.)
One America that does the work, another that reaps the reward. One America whose needs Washington has long forgotten, another whose every wish is Washington's command. (Which America are you fighting for? I see the people that feel they are entitled to having the government take care of them without lifting a finger as the ones who are reaping the rewards of a lot of people's hard work. I don't recall it being stated in our Constitution that we are a socialist government.)

Click here to make a secure online contribution of $50, $75, or more. The DSCC will put your donation to work right away in the campaign to put a stop to George Bush's extreme agenda.
(#2 opportunity for me to throw away my money)

Remember, my friend and former colleague Sen. Ron Wyden will personally match your contribution, (With whose money? His? You never really say...) effectively doubling your gift. Your support for the DSCC's campaign to elect a Democratic Senate has never gone further than it will when you make a contribution right now. (You're in deep doo-doo, aren't you? And you don't even get why...)

With your generous support today, you can put us that much closer to meeting our goals and electing a Democratic Senate in November. You can help the DSCC put a stop to George Bush's extreme agenda (Again, what is yours? All I've heard is the "cut and run" option. Is that really supporting our Troops over there by invalidating everything they are working so hard to attain? Thank you for your non-support) so we can fix the mistakes made in Iraq and bring our divided country back together. (How about letting us know how you are going to be "fixing those mistakes"? Just a clue? That would be appreciated.)

The DSCC is counting on you. Please make a contribution today. (#4)

John Edwards

P.S. I know you have friends and family ready to put a stop to the Bush agenda. (You do not know this - you're making things up again!) Please forward this message and ask them to join you in contributing to the DSCC today. Together, we can elect a Democratic Senate. (and that would be a good thing how? Still no clue!)

When you make a contribution today, the DSCC will put your money to work right away in the campaign to put a stop to George Bush's extreme agenda. (HOW will you do this?)

If you received this message from a friend, click this button to join the DSCC. (My friends know better.)

This message was sent to *********. To unsubscribe from the DSCC's email list, please click here. You can also send a reply to this message with "unsubscribe" in the subject line.

(Oh, I think I'll stay on the email list. It's so entertaining.)

Recipe for Success in War on Terrorism

Begin with a spark of Righteous Anger.

Then whip up a generous helping of Indigenous Forces (Northern Alliance is an excellent brand)
and add in equal parts of Devastating Air Power from the Navy & Air Force.

Throw in a dash of Special Forces & Marines, flavored with bravery and elan.

Sprinkle with Smart Weapons and then filter with Solid Intelligence.

Spread it all on a base of Deep Public Support and Bold Presidential Leadership.

Heat to a boil to separate the terrorists from the innocents and maintain heat until terrorists evaporate.

Inject Diplomatic Wisdom to suit taste and then let cool until a new government forms.