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Thursday, March 02, 2006

A Good Example

Andi at Andi's World has apost about a Mom and her wounded Soldier.

Meet Captain Jason Scott - an American Hero

"Last night I found myself glued to a blog which I stumbled upon by accident. It's a blog dedicated to Captain Jason Scott, who was injured in Iraq by an IED. The blog is written by several of Scott's family members, and it's a very candid look at the life of a recovering patient at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. There is no glossing over the bad days in this blog, it's perhaps the most honest look at the frustrations, progress, set-backs, challenges and triumphs that I've ever seen.
Katy, Jason's mother, wrote a particularly emotional post as her son was on his was to the State of the Union address, where he was a guest of honor.

After lunch it was time for a shower for Jason and to get dressed. Jason did fit a little quiet time in to read some of his novel. I felt proud and humbled as I helped Jason dress for this special evening. I can never remember helping him put on a tie before. I wish each of you could have been there to see him. I told Jason "You are a very important guest this evening." I hope the people of America who see him tonight will honor his courage and sacrifice for this country. America owes our veterans everything, they have given so much for this country. For me, Jason is the most important man in the room as he listens to the President.

As Jason walked the halls of WR in his full dress uniform all the staff smiled, a couple of soldiers recognizing the "tanker" insignia stopped and introduced themselves to Jason. Tankers are a special group of soldiers and very much identify with their unit. My heart is so torn, to see Jason in uniform knowing he is proud to serve his country in the army and knowing Jason will never be able to serve again as he has done. Another loss for Jason."

You can read more about Capt. Jason Scott at Andi's. You can find Katy's blog here.

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