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Monday, March 06, 2006

Big Changes to Military Pay Coming?

Rod Powers, a retired Air Force First Sergeant, and military author, has an article at his site about changes to the Military pay system:

"A committee that's spent the past year studying the military compensation system is recommending sweeping changes that, if approved, would bring military compensation more on par with private-sector compensation.
The proposed package includes two major ideas. These include revamping the retirement system so service members receive more pay throughout their careers rather than at their completion, and basing pay on performance rather than longevity and other factors."

According to the article from the American Forces Press Service,

"The committee's recommendations help update the current military retirement system that Pilling said was based on a 1940s-era model. At that time, most members served 30 years, retired in their 50s and typically lived into their 60s, he said. Today, it's typical for service members to retire after 20 years of service to start second careers and to live longer lives. "

"If Rumsfeld approves the plan, it will be subject to congressional review before being introduced, he said.

The secretary established the Defense Advisory Committee on Military Compensation to study the current pay system and come up with ways to bring it more in line with what service members want and operational needs demand.

The seven-member committee spent a year reviewing the military pay package, holding public hearings and developing its recommendations."

You can read the full story here.

It's about damn time. Let's hope The Hillsitters have some sense left in their lil ol' noggins...

I recommend Rod Powers site for anyone considering joining the Military and/or for the parents of someone wanting to join. Lots of great info! His site was where I started out when Devon decided that the Army was a strong option after high school. It's where I found the Enlistment Contract that Devon would be signing. Everyone who is looking to join the Military should print it out and read it before even meeting with their Recruiter. Take the copy to your first meeting at the Recruiting Station. Have your Recruiter explain any parts of it you may not understand. Hell, have your Recruiter explain all of it anyway just so you are sure you understand every bit of it. This is your life we're talking about here. Informed decisions are a must! Then go to the rest of Rod's site and read and read. He also has a great section on Basic Training that's a must read. And he has a great sense of humor!!