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Sunday, February 19, 2006

"Veterans For Freedom"

I meant to put this in my post below.

Laurie at Soldiers' Angels New York has a post about a new organization called Vets For Freedom.

"Vets for Freedom was founded by a group of Iraq and Afganistan War veterans who believe in the mission of freedom, specifically Operation Iraqi Freedom, but who have become frustrated with the way the operation has been politicized and reported to the home front.
In January 2006, this group of veterans, enlisted personnel, and officers decided to take action. The result was the creation of Vets for Freedom, a non-profit advocacy group (501c3), whose mission is to promote the unbiased, nonpartisan truth of military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan in order to educate the public and mobilize public support for the Global War on Terror.
The founders and members of Vets for Freedom consist of those who have witnessed the firsthand events, both the successes and failures, of the Iraq War. While their voice has largely been ignored by many policymakers and the media, they have earned the right to be heard and will utilize this organization to lend their insights to this worthy cause."

Read about the Founders here.

Read an open letter from our Executive Director here.

Read the story behind Vets for Freedom here.