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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

This is More Than Enough!!

This is beyond tasteless, beyond political satire, and so far beyond common decency, I can hardly sputter.

I was over at ROFASIX and saw he had posted about this "cartoon" found on the editorial page of the Washington Post:

I am so sickened by the disrespect shown to our soldiers, not only by Toles, but by the paper. I am absolutely stymied by the ignorance or cheap shot or what ever they were thinking?!

Enough is enough! What has happened to this country? God, I am so angry! How do they think the mother of one of the soldiers who is lying in Walter Reed right now missing a leg or an arm or both, feels when she sees this utterly callous disregard for the soldier and his or her family's lives that have been changed forever.

When will they stop using our soldiers serving this country to further their political agendas? Only small small people use the innocent or weak in their political attacks. This is completely beyond the pale!

Here's the letter that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Military wrote to WaPo:

(If it doesn't enlarge when you click on it, go here.)

Take it to the HillSitters in Washington DC and leave our soldiers ALONE!

Now go here and be Proud!