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Saturday, February 18, 2006

A Parent's Words

When I was in San Antonio, I was at the PX and there was this glass etching vender there, a man who had beautiful framed poems on display. Well, he and I got to talking, as it is so easy to do in Texas, (CA could take a lesson here - at least the area I live in...but that's another post for another time) and I found out that he had written the poems himself. His son is in the Military and in fact, was the young soldier photrographed in a couple of the framed samples (and also has picked up the pen.) I wish I had a photo of the poems - he does wonderful work. We also talked about Devon and why I was in San Antonio, what it is to be the parent of a soldier and just this and that.

His name is David E. Dunham and he is a delight! Plus, I really like his poems.
So, after I looked through the ones he had available and picked out the ones I wanted to buy, I told him I had a military oriented blog. I asked him for permission to post the poems I had purchased on my blog, as I knew there would be others that would enjoy them as much as I do. Well, God love him, he did give me permission. So here they are.

A Parents Prayer

I held you as I watched your eyes fill up with newborn tears.
Now those eyes are watchful as the enemy draws near.

I took the training wheels off and you were finally free!
Now you speed your hummer on the watch for IED's.

The little hands that gripped the bat and swung with all their might
Now sweat upon the rifle on which depends your life.

You and your friends were laughing as you headed into town.
Now you pray they're not the ones beneath the mortar round.

I used to pick you up and hold you every time you fell.
Now I only pray as you go through that hell.

My prayer for you used to be that you would grow up strong,
That you would always love your God and strive to do no wrong.

Now I pray for safety as you are in harms way
For Him to bring you back to me to love another day.

But if God takes you from me to your post in the sky
I'll see you when it's my time in His sweet by and by.

David E. Dunham Copyright 2006
(Used with permission)

Overseas Soldier

In the foreign trenches far across the choppy sea,
A boy or girl endeavors to be all that they can be.
Half the battle's won just to get to where they are.
The other half's returning from the dangers off afar.

They dare not show they're frightenend as danger threatens them.
Try not to show they're lonely when surrounded by their friends.
The task that they've been given demands a heavy price
Protecting other's freedom at the cost of their own life.

Not every battle faced is a mortar falling near,
Nor is it finding strength enough to conquer their own fear,
But sometimes all is quiet and reflection settles in
Giving time to think about where and why and when.

You may call them soldier, warriors to the bone,
But they're still son or daughter to someone back at home.
The heartfelt prayers of love that are offered up each day
Intend to bring them safely back across the ocean way.

When the tour is over and they're back on U.S. land,
The girl has turned to woman and the boy into a man.
They hold their head up proudly, declare to all they can
I'm proud I did my duty. I'm an American!

David E. Dunham Copyright 2006
(Used with permission)

To Mom and Dad

I know I'm an investment of time and love and tears,
You've done your best to raise me
And protect me all these years.

The words of wisdom offered were not always well received,
But you are the foundation
Of all that I believe.

When fever was the battle or bullies were about,
You were my protection
Of that there is no doubt.

Now that I am older and the pendulum has swung,
I find it is MY duty,
The protecting to be done.

I go to do my duty though it be on foreign land,
Fighting the oppressor
Who would trod on every man.

Protecting world freedom is the order of the day,
Ensuring all our safety
In each and every way.

So until I can embrace you, I'll do everything I can
To bring myself home safely
To your loving hearts and hands.

David E. Dunham Copyright 2006
(Used with permission)

I hope you like them as much as I do.
If you do, give him a howdy and let him know. He has many more poems that he's written.

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