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Monday, February 13, 2006

Monday Morning Roundup

Now that I've caught up on my favorite bloggers (military and political), here are some updates on posts I've done, in case you didn't see them.

Firstly, Eddie Ryan is getting tons of support from people in his hometown and all over the country. It looks like construction of the addition on the family's house could start as soon as a couple of weeks from now!!

From the Ryan"s website:

"Ryan's story has attracted national attention. The CBS station in New York City has picked up Ryan's story and will likely air it this week. Military Web bloggers have spread word of Eddie's plight across the Internet.

The renovations come with a price tag of $90,000 to $100,000 - money the family didn't have and expenses the government doesn't cover. But the mid-Hudson takes care of its own.

Here are some examples: Home Depot stores in Monroe and Middletown have offered to provide supplies. So has the Wal-Mart Supercenter in Monroe. The Design Group of Central Valley has done the design and plans. Rich Rowley of Rowley Lumber has donated $500 so far. Kids at the Chapel Field Christian school collected $2,000. Others have stepped up. A man from out of town donated $5,000 and says his organization is donating $40,000.

Contractors Ed Hodas and Pat Hayes are friends of the Ryan family. Hodas said construction could start in a couple of weeks and finish in about three months. The question remains whether Ryan will have to leave Helen Hayes before the addition is done.

The family is forging ahead.

"With all the people helping out and donating time," said Eddie's dad, Chris Ryan, "we are good to go."

This article appeared in The Times Herald-Record

You can find out more at the Ryan family's website here.

Is this too wonderful or what!?! Thank you all who have helped get the word out and donated!!

Secondly, and this is so dang exciting ~

On April 22 of this year, there is going to be a Milblog Conference in Washington DC!!!!
Preregistration began on Feb 8 and will go go to Feb 15. Go to the link above to find out all about it. There are some great bloggers already registered and the panelists are:

Tah dah!

Master of Ceremonies:

Austin Bay

Panel #1 - Milblogs: Past, Present and Future


Buzz Patterson
Lieutenant Colonel, USAF (Ret)


CJ from A Soldier’s Perspective

Citizen Smash from The Indepundit

Matt from Blackfive

JP from

John from The Officers’ Club

Panel #2 - Milblogging Family Style


Andi from Andi's World


Carla from Some Soldier's Mom

Carren From My Position

Chuck From My Position

Panel #3 - Blogging From Theater


Bill Roggio from The Fourth Rail

Jeff from Dadmanly

Moderators - On-Line Forum:

Greyhawk and Mrs. G from The Mudville Gazette

Official Conference Bloggers:

Kit and Heidi from Euphoric Reality

Lynn from GunnNutt

La Shawn from La Shawn Barber's Corner

Holly from Soldiers’ Angels – Holly Aho

Lisa and Chris from Two Babes and a Brain

I don't think I can make it (insert very sad face here) as we have purchased alot of plane tickets in the past 3 months, but it will be viewable on the net thanks to the VFW offering video feed of the event (woohoo Vets!!)
So if you think you would like to be a part of this totally awesome event, sign up now!! There are only 300 seats available at this time.

Thirdly, Army Mom in Training has created a forum for Military Families and Friends of Soldiers. It's just starting so go over to Army Mom's site and sign up! We all need the support of each other so much right now! I know I'm not the only Military Mom that lives in an area where there isn't much support for the Military. It's not easy to go through this alone and thanks to Army Mom, we don't have to. (Plus, she has a neat blog and it's on my daily reads.)

Fourthly, and this is a sad one:

I was received an email from a reader asking if I had heard about Capt. John Smathers. I hadn't as my internet connection was spotty at best while in Texas. You might remember I had posted about Capt. Smathers and the dog, Scout, that he brought back from Iraq after searching for him for a year.
I'm sorry to report that Capt. Smathers died earlier this month. Services were held on Feb 8 and Feb 9 and Capt Smathers will be laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetary at a date to be announced.
In lieu of flowers, the family asks that people contact the:

Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund
1 Intrepid Square
W 46th Street & 12th Avenue
New York, NY 10036

Scout was at his side, as always.

I'm going to leave you with this poem by Roger Robicheau ~


American is this Hero
In uniform standing tall

Ready, willing, and able
To march, the will to face all

The proudest of our service
Steadfastly meeting each call

The bravest of our country
As were those upon The Wall

Displaying awesome courage
A treasure you cannot install

Filled with total commitment
To serve us for the long haul

America, know this Hero
Thank God and always recall

©Copyright 2003 by Roger J. Robicheau

My heartfelt sympathies and prayers to Capt. Smathers' family ~