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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Marine on His Way Home

I want to introduce you to Michael Fay at Fire and Ice. I just discovered his blog a couple of weeks ago and have been catching up on all his posts. Not only is he a Marine (oorah!) but he's also an incredible artist. Michael's on his way home now (YAY!) so please go over to his place and see his artwork and read his stories and wish him well.

(I'm hoping he publishes a book...)

Here's a sampling from his blog:

"Here are two artworks for the road. A nameless Marine taking a knee looks out across the broad expanse of Iraq. The buffer zone between every single one of us and the terrorists starts about two hundred yards in front of him. The terrorist knows what a good shot he is and keeps a wary distance. But more than that, they know this young American, barely out of high school, given the chance, will kill him at any distance surely as God made little green apples. They know they are up against the greatest warriors on the planet. These are the civilized world's name takers and heartbreakers. Somewhere this kid from your hometown learned to love his country and his brother Marines more than himself. Somehow this kid from your son's 2nd grade class decided to act on the belief that there are some things bigger than ones self, ideas that both require and are worthy of his blood and treasure. This young man from down the street who delivered your morning paper and had a crush on your daughter knows who he's willing to die for, YOU. Three I knew did just that, LCpl Deeds of Mississippi, Cpl Rogers of Oklahoma and Lt McGlothlin of Virginia. Their blood, their last full measure is now mixed forever with the soil of Iraq. They lived and breathed a life where words like courage, honor and country were not strangers in town. The other is a portrait of Lance Corporal Lucas Turchich. It's based on a photo I took of him during a fifteen minute pause sandwiched between assaults in Husayba, Iraq. This is one of the "rough men" willing to do violence on your behalf.
Sleep well. He's out there on watch tonight."

Go here to see the artworks he's describing.

Wishing you a safe journey home, Michael!