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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Listen Up!

And to think that Al Gore could have been our President.

I know this is oldish news, but my hackles are still raised at this.

So without further ado ~ from Grouchy Media, I give you "America's Defense".

Updated cuz I just came across this:

And it is BS! The MSM won't publish the Danish cartoons so as not to offend certain people, but they'll show all the pictures they can from one weekend in 2003 at Abu Ghraib. It's been investigated and the people involved have been dealt with. What's wrong with these people???

And since I'm on a rant roll here, I would like to say that if you come to our beach where there are families with little children and you are an older grossly overweight woman and dirty from sleeping on the beach for god knows how long, keep your gol darn shirt on!! I, for one, really and I mean really, don't want to know that much about you! There are beaches nearby that are just for folks like you - GO THERE!!!