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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

It's Nice To Be Home

Well, we made it back okay. Traffic was not bad and the rain held off for most of the trip. Nothing like coming home to 5 critters who are estactic to see you! Lots of tail waggin' and purrin'! The memorial for Ned's Mom went very well and all was seen to.

Wow! 4 days without posting ~ I have a goodly amount of stored up "arggghhh!" stuffage that needs attention and ranting about. Poor Ned was on the receiving end of a blast of it Sunday night as my political idiocy "storage unit" was on overflow. Plus, there is just so much material down there in LA LA Land. It's almost too easy. ;o)

But first, I have to show you photos that Devon sent me last week. Apparently, just because she's in the Army, some things will never change ~

Her caption was "Can I keep her? I want her!"

Wish I had a dollar for every time I heard that in the past 18 years...

Apparently, the little kitten was adopted and not by Devon!

(sorry the pics are so dark - she took them with her phone...)

Gus would not have been pleased...

There's thunder out on the bay - our 2 ferocious dogs are cowering - one in the corner and the other under my desk. The cats just laugh.

I'll have more later, but one thing I did want to point out to you, especially if you live in CA, is that there will be a patriotic pro-troop “We Support Our Troops AND Their Mission” rally this Friday in San Diego to counteract That Woman's anti-war rallies scheduled there this coming weekend. CJ at A Soldier's Perspective has the details. Or you can go to Move America Forward for more info.