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Thursday, February 02, 2006

I Knew it!

Michele Malkin has a follow up on Toles' cartoon I posted about yesterday. The Washington Post has printed an article today regarding the letter sent to them by the Joint Chiefs of Staff in response to the cartoon.

Now after I calmed down a bit, my first thought was I bet they spin this to look like it's in support of the Troops and the state of the Military. And they will come out the victims~ again ~ in their struggle to uphold their First Amendment rights against the evil ones trying to take them away (gasp!).

Read the article and see what you think ~
(h/t to Two Babes and a Brain)

So continue to come out swinging with your best (cheap) shots, standing up for your rights to be rude, insensitive and "stuck on stupid". It's okay because there are alot more of us who know who the true heroes are. And they are watching your back.