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Friday, February 24, 2006

I Have an Internet Connection - Again!!

Have I mentioned how noisy it is here in So Cal? Nonstop traffic, lots of planes going overhead and people - everywhere. How do people live like this?

I talked with Devon yesterday and she's doing better. Though they still haven't worked out the hometown recruiting thing yet. But she keeps working on it. She also scored 270 out of 300 on her PT test and received a certificate for 2 days of leave for it. Woo hoo!!! Her Sgt wants her to go for her PT badge. (You make me proud, you do!)

Yesterday she was working in the clinic and had to help euthanise a young dog. Even though it was for the best, it still hit her hard. She said, "I'll get used to this, I will!" One of the not so fun aspects of the vet world. I've seen Vets with years of experience break down after they lose a patient, especially when they've done everything possible to save it. But I know that Devon will do a lot of good in that area. She has the touch and when she gets some more confidence in herself, she'll be such an asset at the clinic. Those furries will be in good hands.

When a soldier says, "we take care of our own", they mean it in every possible way. Three of my adopted soldiers that are now home have been keeping in touch with Devon, helping her adjust to Army life. You know who you are. I just want you to know that this Mom is ever so grateful to you for caring. A big Mom hug coming your way ~