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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I Have the Bestest Kid!

The UPS man knocked on my door late yesterday afternoon and left a box on the porch. I figured it was something for Ned's guitar store as usual, so I was surprised to see my name on the box and the return label was from a store I hadn't bought anything from. I hadn't ordered anything to be delivered from San Antonio.
Well, I love presents, especially when I least expect them. So I sat down and opened the box right away and this is what was inside ~ A Mother's Medal of Honor

The little card on the left says:

"Dear Mom, I know it's not your birthday or anniversary, or even Mother's Day.

It's just an ordinary day. I don't need any money, and I don't have a problem to solve.

I just wanted to send you this gift of love..."

There is also an Awards Ceremony Certificate (that will be framed and hung in a prominent place!)

I was so overwhelmed and sat and cried for a good ten minutes. I almost called Ned to come home right there and then! lol Devon called later that day and I started to cry again when I told her it had come.

There are no words to describe the rush of feelings in my heart. Devon, you do me so Proud, everyday, always. You are God's gift to me in every way. Thank You ~ Thank You!

This is the card that came with it - is this not the best? (oh, there I go again...tissues, dang it, I need tissues....)