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Thursday, February 09, 2006

HI Y'll

Another Gorgeous day in Texas. Though I'm thinking Texas could use some rain!
I seem to have lost a post when I saved my last one, so I just want to thank everyone for stopping by and the good wishes.

I will be posting photos when I get back home and can get to the other computer that has my photo program on it.

Devon is getting settled in at Ft Stewart. She's going through reception right now, along with five other soldiers. She's the baby - all the others are higher rank than she is. lol And she's the only female soldier in the group. She spent yesterday at the front desk - they put her right to work. Which is good because she was a bit nervous about going to another new station and she's missing her friends. The training she did for the past 55 days was very intense and the trainees got very close. Being that they were working with animals, they sometimes worked way past the normal hours and on the weekends. At her graduation, we were shown a slideshow of the training. My, oh my! I was amazed at the level of vet care they accomplished. Small animals and large. Everything from taking vitals to euthanasia.

On the walls of Jennings Hall (the veterinary building) were photos of the handlers and their dogs from WWII to the present and the group shots of all the trainees that have passed through the program. What a remarkable part of the Army this is!

Over the weekend we spent alot of time at the Riverwalk - Devon had to get some things for her trip so we did the mall thang for awhile. We had lunch at Hooters - and yes, I picked up quite a few calendars for my adopted soldiers - heh! One of the girls there told me that Hooters has a Christmas program called Deck the Walls where they send signed calendars and other Hooter memorabelia to the troops overseas. Now how neat is that! Plus, the food is great. We went back two more times. It's just so much fun watching the Hooter girls make the men sweat. Of course, my friend and I , being Moms, had this intense desire to tell those girls to pull those itty bitty lil shorts legs down and those itty bitty lil shirts tops up! but we refrained...

We all went to the Alamo. I got to see Dave Crockett's rifles and vest and his portrait. I stood in awe and respect of my hero. Jim Bowie's knives were on display too. One of these days, I'm going to have a Bowie knife. I did see the one I wanted but they wouldn't sell it to me...Don't know why, they had others. Hmmph! If you ever get to San Antonio, do go see the Alamo - it's quite an experience when you realized what happened there in that small church.

I think we hit every souvenier store there. I love souvenier stores! (Not sure if that is the correct spelling...) I had to buy another suitcase at the PX to get all my souveniers home! Lots of Texas stuff! The girls and I went to the Wax Museum - oh, it was fun! There was the scary part and we had to push Jen through - she isn't as thrilled about scary as Devon and I are. Then the girls went to Ripley's and Judy and I sat in the little park catching our breath. We are not soldiers - we do not have the endurance of soldiers - we needed a rest! Thank goodness for triple espressos!

Graduation Day came and it was a bitter sweet time. Watching my Baby Girl get her Diploma for a job well done but knowing that in 4 hours she'd be on a plane taking her further east. And wouldn't you know that just as the ceremonies were to begin, my camera informed me that my batteries were done, kapoot, over. Thank God, Judy had her camera and wasn't afraid to use it! I coudn't believe that I had forgotten to pack extras...
Devon's Commander is awesome! He's been everywhere and done most everything vet-wise. He gave them a couple of cups of Hooah!, as he put it. He said he was inspired by the way the trainees had pulled together on the FTX (field training exercise) at the end of the course. He had seen that they had been lacking confidence but when it came down to it, the mission was accomplished and they had excelled. (lots of proud parents right then, as well as Soldiers)

It was fun to meet the Drill Sgt I had heard so much about. I have so much respect for Drill Sgts - here they are surrounded by a bunch of kids starting out on a road few take and for most of them, the first major thing they have ever done away from home. And all those hormones!

While we were waiting for Devon to get her gear, I called her recruiter to tell him that his recruit had accomplished mission. He said "about time" and laughed. He also said that he had just gotten the memorandum that Devon had been okayed for hometown recruiting!! He really wants her for that as she is the first female to enlist in over 5 years from her area. So, she'll becoming home for 2 weeks soon! Not that I'll see her that much, I'm sure. lol! But just having her home is so great!

So today we're going to the cowboy store and then to Galveston. (I can't get that Glen Campbell song out of my head...)

More to follow ~