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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Catching Up

I'm trying to get caught up on all that I missed in the blogshere and the world. Looks like there's alot of material to attend to! Apparently "Stupidness" didn't take any time off while I was not paying attention...sigh..... Wouldn't that have been nice? And the sheep are still attacking the sheepdogs and making nicey nice with the wolves.

I stood on the grounds of the Alamo and thought of all those men who stood fast for something they believed in and died for and felt humbled by their actions. Then I thought of all the whiney bastards that are running this country now and felt ashamed for us. It's time to take a stand ~ blowing up children and innocent people is not something for discussion - it's wrong. Not Negotiable - anywhere, anytime.

And if you come to this country and don't play be our rules, then you get escorted out. No negotiations.

And if you get elected to office and don't do the job you were elected to do - then you get voted out.

We can and will vote you off the Island.