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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Alrighty Then...Tagged, I'm it!

Laurie over at Soldier's Angel New York tagged me with this meme (I love what she said she thought "meme" meant!)

4 Jobs You Have Had In Your Life

1. Stable Hand/assistant horse trainer ( my favorite!)
2. Waitress
3. Receptionist (wasn't very good at it - kept losing callers on hold)
4. Plumber's assistant

4 Movies You Would Watch Over and Over

1. Pay It Forward (yup, I cry every time)
2. Gladiator (Swords, lots of swords)
3. Diehard (it's cathartic - great post-communting movie)
4. Braveheart (Freedom! and I so love men in kilts!)

4 Places You Have Lived

1. Massachsetts (born and raised there)
2. Nothern New York
3. Eastern Pennsylvania
4. Central Coast California ( my 20+ year exile is coming to an end, God willing)

4 TV Shows You Love to Watch

1. Stargate SG1
2. CSI
3. Law and Order SVU
4. Law and Order Criminal Intent

4 Places You Have Been On Vacation

1. Maine
2. Massachusetts
3. Missouri
4. Different parts of California (did I mention I'm an exile here?)

4 Websites You Visit Daily

1. See my sidebar
2. See my Sidebar
3. Political Sites
4. See my sidebar

4 Favorite Foods

1. Ice Cream
2. Chocolate
3. Greek
4. Chocolate

4 Places You Would Rather Be Right Now

1. San Antonio (visiting Devon)
2. San Antonio (visiting Devon)
3. San Antonio (visiting Devon)
4. Any place but CA (did I mention I hope to be released from exile soon?)

4 People to Tag

1. Devildog - she's one of the most interesting people I would love to meet!
2. Patriotic Mom - she's so sweet!
3. Kim - she's so much Fun!
4. Chevy Rose - she's, well heck, she's Chevy Rose!