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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Update on Robert Stokely

I checked in today at Crazy Politico's Ranting to see if there was any updates on Robert Stokley's lettert to the Washington Post. I found there was:

Robert Stokely Update:

"Mr. Stokely finally heard back from the Post's editors this morning. They thanked him for his submission, very graciously I might add, but let him know it isn't going to be used.
The reason for non-reply was that they only reply to those who they will print. This isn't non-standard in the industry, just that most of them have that in big bold letters near the submission links, the Post doesn't."


He also has a banner on the top of his blog:

"Watch for more information from Mr. Stokely here tonight."

Okey dokey! Will do ~


Crazy Politico has the post up with more info. Go to "Will the Post Print This? NO"
Mr. Stokley is quite a gracious man and father of a son that gave his everything for this country and he deserves to be heard. CP is looking for ideas on how to make this happen. Please go over and read this post. Let's put our support of our troops and their families where our mouths are.
I will no longer be quiet ~ how about you?