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Friday, January 13, 2006

Update on Joshua Sparling

Found over at The Political Teen, (h/t to In Training) Joshua Sparling was interviewed on the Sean Hannity Radio Show

Joshua Sparling was the Soldier that received the card that said "PS: Die" on it. (Michael Crook admitted to sending it, as well as other cards in the same vein to VFW Halls throughout the country. )

Joshua received over 8,000 supportive cards and letters from people who just wouldn't let this go.

The media barely covered this.

As of the 10th of January, they think they may be able to save his leg. He has 4 more surgeries needed. He's already been through 19 surgeries.

He still would like to hear from people. He says the mail has trickled off some. Well, his road to recovery is still going on, so let's let him now we haven't forgotten him.

You can find his address at