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Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Truth - Gotta Love It

Mudville Gazette has an update on Sgt. Mark Seavey, the courageous veteran that stood up to Murtha and Moran at the Town Hall Meeting in Arlington, VA on 1/5/06.

"Spreading the Word"

"Late last week we broke the story of Sgt Mark Seavey's encounter with Congressmen Murtha and Moran at a Town Hall Meeting. Over the weekend the story spread through the blogosphere.

Yesterday the Michael Reagan radio program contacted us, and we put them in touch with Sergeant Mark Seavey. He was a guest on Reagan's program, and today you can hear the audio excerpt on The Liberty Zone."

I listened to the interview and I highly recommend listening to it. It's quite different from what is daily put out by the MSM and what the exteme leftists want to be told.

My gratitude for Sgt Seavey for standing up and speaking the truth, especially in such a hostile environment.
But that's what makes our Military the best.