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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Tough Week For 91 Tangos

Devon called on Friday and told me to guess where she had been the past 11 hours.
Well, I immediately thought "Field Trip"? (I'm still hooked into the 12 years of public school mentality, I see now. )
I asked "where?" all sorts of possibilities going through my mind. Labs, kennels, firing range...
She then proceeds to calmly say those 4 words no mother ever wants to hear:
"At the Emergency Room."
"WHY??" came right out of my mouth, little silvery things starting to spark around in my eyeballs.
She knows me well, and said "I'm ok" right off. (Good child, I raised her right!) Apparently, she pulled the EVIL CAT, Nick, for duty (or whatever they call what they do). Now this EVIL CAT has taken out other Trainees as well as The Captain and was to be removed from training. He was not. Devon and the other trainees with her were supposed to clip his nails and do other kitty upkeep things on him. But EVIL CAT Nick decided he didn't want to play and went berserk - biting through the towel he was wrapped in, running around, climbing the cages, and hissing and spitting. Well, Devon (who has had alot of experience with Gus) went over to peel him off the cages and he nailed her. Bit right through her thumb and scratched her good. So she sat for 8 hours in the ER before she was seen and then 3 more hours getting fixed up.
This is not the first time she's been bitten. When she worked in the grooming dept at the local pet store, she was bitten and scratched by dogs that really, really didn't want a bath no matter what their owners thought. It usually was one of those little dogs with the teeny tiny needlelike teeth.
Devon was more mad than anything, especially after her DI saw her there and asked what was wrong. She told him and he said, "Then you didn't restrain the cat properly." Devon told him it was EVIL CAT Nick. All he said was, " If you had restrained him properly, you haven't have been bit." No Kidding? Of course, if they had been able to restrain EVIL CAT Nick in the first place...ah, don't bother, logic is not always first on the list in the Army. lol
But that wasn't all ~ seems that there were a couple of other Trainees that got bit and scratched by other cats and were also spending the day in the ER. What was going on there? A Feline Full Moon?

And on a more serious note:
I ask for your prayers for a member of Devon's unit who was in a bad car accident that day and isn't in the best shape. I haven't heard the latest but it was bad.

Also, Ned left for S.Cal. this morning because his Mom's not doing too well. She had a tube placed in her throat so she could breath better. She's still in the hospital as she didn't handle the surgery as well as hoped. His sister has been taking care of their Mom for the most part as she is able to be be down there for extended periods of time. But she called and Ned said she sounded pretty anxious. I told him she needs her brother. So we spent yesterday getting the business set up for the next week so he could leave today.
They could all use some praying too, if you would. I'd so appreciate it.

And update on my "adopted" soldiers: 4 of them have come home!!!!! Safe and sound!!

WELCOME HOME, Jeremy, Alex, Virgil and Joe!!!!!!!

Bless you all and a great big HUG going out to you.
My best wishes to you all on your next adventure ~
You are THE BEST!!!