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Monday, January 09, 2006

This is So Heartening After Last Week

I just came across the Journal of a Soldier's Angel in New York: Soldier's Angels New York. How I had missed a fellow Angel's journal, I don't know.) But I have found it now.
On 1/4/06, she posts the following:

"I Love NY / Canada

Some of you may recognize that I used NY's tourism slogan "I Love NY" in the title. But this story is about NY and Canada. I came across this very interesting letter out of a little border town called Ogdensburg up on the St. Lawrence River. The publisher of the Prescott Journal across the river in Prescott Canada writes an open letter of apology to Ogdensburg for the open hostility of the Canadian government toward the U.S. It was published in the December 28th issue of the Prescott Journal and the Ogdensburg Journal:"

"By Jeffrey Morris, The Prescott Journal

To the people of Ogdensburg, I want to thank each and every one of you for the friendship you have shown to everyone in the town of Prescott over the years, and especially this year. For many of us who are from Prescott, the people and businesses of Ogdensburg have always held a special place in our hearts. As you may have, many of us have friends, family or relatives on the other side of the St. Lawrence River. We have socialized together for generations, whether it was a community event or the random exchanging of friendliness that takes place over a conversation at a restaurant or tavern in either town. The current political climate in Canada saddens us as we are very protective of the special relationship we have with you.

Our current Prime Minister, Paul Martin, has turned his crusade of reckless America-bashing into an election platform. He has insulted you and insulted your government and people. While some Canadians applaud him, many of us are embarrassed by his actions. Martin became the Liberal party leader by promising to fix the relations with the U.S. that were trainwrecked by former PM Jean Chrétien. I'd hate to see what he would do if he was out to destroy relations.
The Canadian government is in the middle of the worst political scandal in our country¹s history. Many feel they are playing the anti-America card simply as a diversion to take attention away from their grotesque corruption. They are the tail wagging a whole sled team of huskies.

Canada is a divided country right now. Our lack of formal support for the U.S. war on terror is as polarizing here as it is for you. Some feel our military should be standing alongside yours in this battle, while others say they are thankful Canadians avoided the war and aren¹t coming home in body bags. Even though our soldiers are among the best in the world, the Canadian government has depleted our military to the point where we could not possibly support the war on terror even if we wanted to. We are proud to have the 2,000 troops we have in Afghanistan, but we can offer nothing more.

That is pretty shameful for a supposed G-8 nation. Thank God we are your neighbours and your country protects us. I loved watching the joy on the faces of the people of Iraq as they voted earlier this month. I was proud of America that day ­ proud to be your friend and neighbour. Many of us disagree with the why and the how of the war, but even those strongly opposing the war must admit the Iraqi election was a great day for humanity. The dividing issue is how we got to that point.

Our countries are also in a trade dispute over softwood lumber. We appreciate the lobbying the Bush administration has done in getting the borders re-opened for our beef exports. Not being able to sell beef into the United States devastated many of our area farmers.
Vice-President Dick Cheney cast the deciding vote in the Senate last week that may end the lumber dispute, putting an end to the import duties which have been ruled illegal and have cost Canadian manufacturers $5 billion. That won't make the news here, though, as our Liberal media usually refuses to acknowledge that President Bush and Vice-President Cheney are allies of Canada.

Despite all this, the irresponsible and juvenile America-bashing that is gyrating out of Ottawa is picking up steam. The United States is our best friend and our largest trade partner. Well over half of our gross national product is exported to the United States. Canada could not survive economically without the United States. Yet our Prime Minister continues to poke the sleeping giant with a stick. The current Canadian government will never admit that the United States has done the right thing by ridding the world of a cruel, ruthless and evil dictator. They will never admit that Americans are the most generous people in the world. They will never express thanks for the fact that being a next door neighbour and ally to the United States makes us untouchable. They will never thank America for being the world's keeper and champions of democracy. They will never dare to imagine what the world would be like without America, let alone without America as our friend and ally.

Since they won't say it, I will. Thank you. Thank you, Ogdensburg, for being such wonderful friends for several generations. Thank you, America, for being our best friends despite the ignorance and intolerance of our leaders. I hope this tirade of anti-Americanism ends before it jeopardizes the relationships we have with the United States and with Ogdensburg. Whatever our leaders say for whatever reason, the people and the restaurants and businesses of Prescott still welcome you here as we always have, and we hope we will always be welcome in "the OBurg". Politics aside, we are your friends, and you are our friends.

God Bless America and Canada together.

PS ­ We might back off on the international friendship thing during the Winter Olympic hockey tournament, but that's just for two weeks. As long as we win, everything will be fine."

Now, I have to say that letter did my cynical lil heart alot of good. Isn't that just the best? It's so good to know that there are people out there who get it and give a damn.
I've been playing Toby Keith's "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue" and "American Soldier" over and over again because of the frustration and pissiness I feel about all the negativity and defeatism among so many these days. Gets my Yankee hackles up, it does! Anyway, go over to Laurie's for some good news and info. And if you're not already supporting the troops by writing them or sending packages, consider looking into Soldier's Angels. They do so much good for all our troops, past and present.
Also read the post she has today for the March for Millions of Veterans 2006.

And if you haven't seen the videos to the two songs of Toby Keith's, I really recommend you go watch them now. I also suggest you bring tissues. And if you feel like it, write Toby Keith and let him know how much you appreciate all he has done for the troops too.