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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Soldier's Angels ~ FYI

From Soldiers' Angels Germany

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Soldiers' Angels Armor Up Program - Your Help Needed
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In 2004 Soldiers' Angels created the Armor Up program providing Kevlar blankets to be used as extra protection on troop vehicles in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since then, Soldiers' Angels has purchased 62 of the blankets, which are DOD approved and cost $935 each.
Soldiers' Angel Robin, who heads the Armor Up program, sent this email last night:
We thought we would no longer need to send Kevlar blankets but recently got requests from 3 units...
Although the Army is now aggressively sending Armored Humvees into theater, these blankets are very versatile. For example, while steel floor plating stops most of an IED blast, the blanket can absorb additional shock and shrapnel to prevent leg injuries. Some non-combat vehicles have vulnerabilites that can be mitigated with a kevlar blanket. They can also be used as extra protection around gun turrets, or in buildings such as sleeping quarters.

Here's more information about the Armor Up program at the Soldiers' Angels site where you can donate via PayPal.

Please help us get blankets to these units as soon as possible!

Update:Robin has just received a request from a fourth unit. At 10 - 12 blankets per unit, we need to raise well over $40,000. Please help us spread the word!

Update 2:We are about halfway there - 20 blankets going out to these units now.

If you can help, that's great! Thanks in advance ~