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Thursday, January 12, 2006


Soldiers Angels has a super duper project in the works now:

"Operation Love our Troops is a free service allowing military families and the general public to send messages of love and support to our heroes this Valentine's Day. Your message will count as part of a Guinness Book of Records attempt to be the world's largest digital Valentine's card. Personal voice messages can also be added via our dedicated phone recording service.
All messages are hosted by the
Library of Life, an organization that helps people celebrate life and share memories with family and friends online forever. Help us honor our troops and show how proud we are of them!"

You can also dedicate a message to a special Soldier or Marine.

Not only are our Troops fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, but they are stationed all over the world keeping the Peace and engaged in humanitarian works all over the globe:

U.S. Airlifts Winter Supplies to Tajikistan

Army Repairs Roofs in Florida

U.S. Forces Airdrop Cold Weather Supplies in Afghanistan

Military gives medical equipment to Indonesia

U.S. Military Treats Patients in Pakistan

Pakistani Earthquake Relief

And so much more. Go to US Department of Defense for the more.

*h/t to Phil over at Camp Katrina and a great big thanks for "Proving that the US Military does much more than just kill people and break things."

Since our MSM doesn't view all that our military is doing as newsworthy - (the "if it bleeds, it leads"mentality, neverminding the political agendas), we here at home have to pick up the staff and shout out to the world that we know about and honor all they are doing. And we can let them know that we know by sending them a message through "Operation LOVE OUR TROOPS".

And write to the editor of your local paper. Write to your "elected Officials". You may not have voted for them, but I'm sure they would love to hear from you! *wink

We need to be as loud, if not louder than the ones the media gives all the attention to. Of course, we'll be much more polite and gracious than those that verbally attack (with very bad words) the supporters of the troops. You know, all those Peace Groups (h/t to Andi's World).