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Monday, January 02, 2006

My mom made me do this...

Hey everyone, It's Devon. Apparently im supposed to post a blog on my mom's site telling how life in the army is..well its more then i imagined. Yes there are positives and negatives. Currently im half way thru training at Ft Sam to become a vet technician (91T) . It's crazy...830 am to 5 pm (1700) of classes 5o min classes with a ten min break, sumtimes only 5. They say we're learning about 2 years worth of material in a short 11 weeks. I think they should make my MOS training longer personally because with the importance of knowing our stuff, 11 weeks just doesn't seem enough time.
As of now im going to be stationed at Ft Knox, Kentucky. But if that lasts who knows, it's all up in the air when it comes to the army. The different jobs for 91T's can include, research, and working in a vet clinic (Veterinary Treatment Facility) with the MWD's (military working dogs) and the POA's (privately owned animals). We currently have 40 MWD's i beleive over seas, but that number will soon be rising because to certain units a MWD unit will be assigned...I think one of the units to be assigned MWD is the mine detection unit. I can't rememeber the other one offhand.
What else is there to say...i don't really know what else to put but i'm more than happy to answer questions from anyone just send them to my mom and she can pass them along to me or email me at check my mail every few days depending on free time alowance but i will definately write back. PLus i'll occasionally be sending my mom updates and she'll either post the emails or write a blog herself about whats happening in my life as she is already doing : ).