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Monday, January 09, 2006

Just Another Monday...

Not much happenend around here over the weekend. I was down for the count most of it. My "condition" kicked my butt. Ned did get the tree and lights down so Christmas is officially over at our house.
Devon called on Friday to tell us she "phased up" to phase 5. As I understand it, this means that she has a few more priviledges such as, she can wear civvies off-base and she can go off base more. AND she can have her laptop!!! YAY!! So, I'll be packing up some of her civvies and her laptop to ship off to her today.
I did get my plane tickets for my trip to Texas in February for her AIT graduation. I'm flying into Houston on the 3rd to meet with my childhood friend and heart sister, Judy. Then we're going to drive up to San Antonio the next day and spend the weekend with Devon before the graduation on the 7th. Judy has known Devon since she was born and has been like an aunt to her. She wasn't able to come to her High School graduation because of health reasons but she wanted to definitely make it to this one. Ned can't go this time - his mother's cancer is rapidly getting worse and he's going to be spending as much time with her as possible. Time having her with us, I fear, is running out. He doesn't like that he has to miss Devon's graduation, but then the whole situation is difficult.
I've never been to Texas, so I'm so looking forward to going there. Devon has all these places planned for us to see. It's so neat ~ I'm seeing more of the country due to my daughter being in the Army. I spent half of my life on the east coast and half on the west coast but not much time in the middle.
We're not sure where Devon will be after AIT. Her orders have changed twice already so I'm not making any travel plans quite yet. I'm still holding out for Hawaii! But wherever she ends up, she'll be doing what she's always wanted to do - working in a vet clinic to start.

Speaking of the vet clinic, I have to take one of the cats to the vet for his annual checkup and bath and butt shave. Gus has very long fur and he tends to get stinky in the rear as he gets older. He has a displaced hip due to taking on a car one night and it tends to get stiff in the cold weather. So he has a bit of a problem getting out of his own way.
Gus doesn't much care for vets, as he spent a good portion of his younger life at a vet hospital I worked at, being the one and only blood donor cat. Well, the kennel workers and the techs decided he'd been there long enough and put a sign on his cage saying "Needs home!" And as Ned had just lost his cat, I took him down to the kennels to see if they'd get along. Love at first sight! Gus jumped into Ned's lap and then hugged him around the neck. And that was that! So we kind of "liberated" him from the "Big House". No one knew exactly where Gus went to...
Now, Gus is one tough character - he's made more people bleed in his 10 years of life than any cat I've known. The vet has a big red flag on his chart warning the techs about trying anything with him unless he's asleep. They didn't believe me at first - "we're professionals, this is our job..." until he took out 3 techs in one day. They now know better and he is treated with the utmost respect and anesthesia.
He weighs over 20 lbs (depending on how many people he can sucker into feeding him) and he has talons more than claws. He wears a dog collar because the cat collars are too small. He's taken on pitbulls (and won) that had the audacity to walk near our front yard. His latest trick is to lie under the truck and wait for people to walk their dogs past and then he springs out and scares the living bejeezus out of the dog and it's owner. Don't know how many times we've had to run out and grab hold of him and apologise for his behavior. We can always tell when a new cat has moved into the neighborhood ~ there will be a couple of nights of howling and spitting outside and Gus gets this cocky attitude as he saunters back into the house. He hardly has any scars on his head or body. But the new cats don't come round no more.
Now I must get him in his carrier. He's already a bit miffed that there was no breakfast. I usually liberally sprinkle catnip in the carrier and then push him in real fast and lock that baby up. Hopefully, this tactic will work again this morning.

Here kitty, kitty...

I have returned home with Gus. No one was injured and everything went well. He's very clean and his butt fur is much shorter. But I've got one PO'd kitty who let me know in no uncertain terms that he is NOT pleased with me at this time and maybe will not be for days. He's a bit groggy and is walking, well, weaving actually, with his ears back and his tail hung low. Not a time to be petting him...
Thank you for your concern.