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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I Want Another Week

It's a little after 3 am and Devon is in her room packing her stuff to take with her back to Ft Sam. (Okay, we might as well come clean with the name thing - as she seems ok with using her real name here. Hello, my name is Deb and this is my daughter Devon. Yes, I have a tendency to be a bit paranoid still about the internet and trolls and evil bad doers that lurk in the ethernet shadows...) anyhooo...
Devon's plane leaves at 6:20 this morning. Exodus is over at 1800 today and we don't want her to be tardy. I have a feeling a note from her Mom just wouldn't get her out of detention this time. I don't understand this myself. Don't they know that Moms outrank everyone? Even the President! Just ask Barbara Bush, she'll tell you.
I don't like this part. No no, not at all, thank you very much.

I like this part ~

Devon arriving HOME!

And this part ~

Christmas morning

And this part ~

Sitting in our livingroom playing with
my Army toys (thanks, little army buddy!)

I wish I could show you the picture of Devon and SGT W~ ( her recruiter) playing with my Army toys on Christmas. He wouldn't let her have any of the toys at first and there was yelling and blaming, of course. But as you can see, she did get the helicopter away from him. They then proceeded to shoot rockets and missles at each other. Which brought about more yelling and blaming. Oh, it was grand!

Ah well, I had her for 2 weeks and we'll be seeing her again in February when she graduates AIT. I know there are so many of you out there that don't know when you'll see your Soldiers or Marines next. My heart goes out to you! I guess I'm getting there. (note to self: talk to Barbara about a special airfare discount rate for Military families and why the Hell don't Soldiers and Marines (winks at Soup) get to fly home free anywhere, anytime??)

And, and...we didn't have time to get our other tattoos together as we had planned! (Pout)
Do you think her DI would buy that as an excuse? No, probably not. Didn't think so.

So I guess I'll just have to suck it up and hand her back over to the Army. And try not to make too much of a scene at the airport. I don't suppose practice helps with this either, does it? No? Didn't think so.

Well, time to get dressed ~