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Friday, January 13, 2006

Another One of Those Anti-War Factions

using our Troops to fulfill their political agendas (read socialist/communist) with absolutely NO regard for the Troops whatsoever.

Mudville Gazette does it again! Here an excerpt from Greyhawk's post: "Not in Whose Name?"

"That crouch is interesting - most people strolling under the whirling blades of a helicopter adopt that pose. The blades are well above your head, but survival instinct is strong.
This photo was taken by US Army Spc Jennifer D. Atkinson. The picture is one of many produced by military journalists covering the war on terror. They are freely available for use - released by the government and essentially public domain.
Which is why you'll often find them on
anti-war web sites. The link is the web page of Thomas Barton. Barton produces what he claims is "a near-daily news bulletin for service members" - and encourages wide distribution. Here's some background from the web site of the group "Not in Our Name" (NION):
Since May 2003, Thomas Barton has been distributing this comprehensive daily compilation of news about our government's immoral war without end. When Thomas began distributing these bulletins via email, was the only place you could go to get up-to-date issues, and all of the back issues as well. Now Thomas has his own page dedicated to "GI Special" -- making our archive redundant and never as current as
NION was founded in March 2002 (a year before the invasion of Iraq) by members of the Revolutionary Communist Party."

Read the rest...and see how Spc. Atkinson's photo was used by NION and her response.

I have a photo for those who have no compunction in turning something honorable and worthy into something the exact opposite (I'm really trying to keep from using very bad words here but they aren't making it easy - ok, looking in the thesaurus for an acceptable word- brb - ok, how about scatological...)

You can replace the word "liberal" with "opprobrious".
Though I'm not sure if I even want people of such "character" on our side.
Another reason we don't want a draft - would you really want a person such as this watching your back...or your soldier's back?
I think not.

How's the weather in N. Korea these days...?