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Friday, December 23, 2005

Waiting Again...

Been busy around here the past 2 days. We got to the airport without any major traffic delays, which is a miracle in itself. Even found a parking space not too far from the terminal. And there we stood in front of the security gates, waiting for D~ to come. The young man, R~, that she had been dating before she left was also with us. He was the friend that had stayed with her the night she left for Basic.
D~ was so cute when she told me he wanted to know if he could come with us to meet her at the airport - she said "you know Mom, I'll probably hug him first." I laughed and said "of course you will, your 18 years old. I'd do the same if my good looking guy was going to be there." Well, by the time she was walking toward us, that bit of information had completely flown out of my head and I just zoomed in on her and hugged her to bits! Then I let her go, remembering there were others there who were just as excited to see her. R~ said later that he saw me bouncing up and down waiting for her and he just stepped back. No way was he getting in the middle of a Mom and her daughter. Great kid! I really, really like him. I did apologize to them for forgetting the rules, tho...
D~ said that in the Arizona airport when she was changing planes, three women came up to her to shake her hand and thank her for her service. She said she felt guilty because she wasn't deployed or anything. She told them she was just in training. Apparently that didn't matter to these wonderful women. Bless their hearts.
Well, my Blur Child is home - she had borrowed the car twice within two and a half hours of being here to go visit people. Then she and R~ were here for awhile getting her stuff organized. I was sitting in the livingroom doing something and I would hear her laughter coming from her room. Oh, I have missed that sound! Just to look over and see her there - couldn't ask for more. Then she and R~ had to go "do things" for awhile. So off they went again. She called a little later to see if it was a good time for us to go up to the Recruiting Station. I said sure! It was also her recruiter's birthday so we wanted to give him his present. So she came by and off we went. I'd forgotten how fast this kid moves! We stopped off to grab a couple of six packs of Corona for the birthday boy. He was very happy with his present!
D~ and Sgt W~ started giving each other the business as they do. And then the soldier talk began. I have to say that I am so grateful that he was her recruiter. Couldn't have asked for a better one. When I found out that he isn't able to get leave to go see his family for Christmas, I told him to come for Christmas dinner at our house. And he happily accepted. (Just a side note here - you all have soldiers - and Marines, (see I remembered!) in your towns at the Recruiting Stations and some of them are far away from their families. You might just want to stop by, take them some goodies and give them a Thank You. They have one of the toughest jobs out there and there is alot of misinformation going on right now about Recruiters. They'd appreciate the support and some goodies!)
We picked up R~ and went home for dinner. I had made a huge pan of chicken enchiladas the night before. Another friend of ours came over to see D~. Oh, it was so great to be cooking for the kids again. N~ had picked up this gorgeous triple chocolate mousse cake for D~. He knew she had been deprived for a long time. lol
So we ate and laughed and listened to D~'s stories. Though I had to keep reminding her that stories of dissection and the such could wait for after dinner!!
Her father came to pick her up the next morning so they can spend a few days together. She'll be back Christmas morning - early! she said. Then we get her all to ourselves for the next week and a bit!
I so can't wait for Christmas!!!