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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

This Made Me Think ~

I was just reading the news story, Iraqis in 15 Countries Cast Their Ballots , by THOMAS WAGNER, Associated Press Writer on my homepage.
This caught my eye and gave me pause:

"Truck driver Akeel AlMosawi was so excited about voting that he arrived 30 minutes early at the polling site at a banquet hall in Dearborn, Mich.
"We have to pick good people who we trust to take care of Iraq and not kill us," he said."

(Emphasis mine)

Now, I'm not too happy with Our Elected right now, but the thought of being killed by one or all of them because they are in power, has never ever entered my mind. Unfortunetly, there are many many people in this world who cannot say that.

This just made me sad:

"Umm Jassim, a Shiite cigarette vendor from Baghdad, said she was promised money in return for voting for a parliamentary candidate she declined to identify. "But I'm not going to move an inch from this spot because I don't care who wins or loses the elections."

Here are some other quotes from around the different countries hosting the voting:

"The priority for all Iraqis is to have peace, security and normalcy restored," said Kadhem Ali, 46, a Sunni Muslim in Zarqa, Jordan, who said he boycotted Iraq's first free elections in January because he was frustrated over U.S. domination of his country.
"Now, I don't care; American occupation or no occupation, the important thing is Iraq's stability," added the former Iraqi civil servant, standing outside a polling station in the Jordanian hometown of Iraq's most feared terror leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi."

"Hamed Al-Nasseri, 56, also of Zarqa, said he was voting to rid his nation of militants. "What they say is bogus. I'm voting to dare these militants, to have a strong parliament and government that would restrain these outlaws," he said."

"In Denmark, Soran Abul-Aziz spent the night outside a polling station in a sleeping bag. He said he wanted to be the first one to cast his ballot."
"I am very happy. I hope Iraq soon will become a democratic country like Denmark," he said, sporting a red Santa hat."

"Bernadet Shukri, 38, who left Baghdad for Warsaw before the American-led invasion three years ago, emerged from the voting station smiling and draped in an Iraqi flag.
"When you had Saddam Hussein in Iraq, the people didn't have anything," she said. "Before, life was very difficult in Iraq. But now it is beginning to work again."

"The countries hosting the vote were chosen because they had the largest concentrations of Iraqis: Australia, the United States, Britain, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Austria, Iran, Jordan, the Netherlands, Sweden, Syria, Turkey and United Arab Emirates."

And yes, this is from the AP!