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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Some Grist For The Mill

I came across this post at The Will to Exist :

Pulling out early and other lunacy
As Iraqi forces gain experience and the political process advances, we will be able to decrease our troop level in Iraq without losing our capability to defeat the terrorists,”President George W. Bush
I watched Bush speaking on television last night. It was my first day off since arriving in theater one month ago.
Please, America, listen to the man.
The moment anyone puts a timetable on coalition forces leaving, we’ve lost the war. You can’t put a timetable on the good guys unless you can put one on the bad guys too. That’s ridiculous. You can’t put an exact timetable on training up the new Iraqi military and police forces. It would be irresponsible.
No one wants American troops to keep dying in Iraq and Afghanistan. I know, because I’m one of those troops and I would prefer not to die here. On the other hand, and this is what you won’t hear from most mainstream media, if I do die over here, I’ll do so with few regrets. I wouldn’t be dying for a lie, as so many minstrels of misery and mischief keep spouting.
Americans are dying in Iraq so Americans don’t have to die at home, or so that they can die of self-inflicted things like lung cancer and heart attacks instead of having a building blow up and crush them while they are inside it. Don’t kid yourself that things are otherwise. Keeping the fight in the enemy’s home court is exactly the right thing to do.
It’s sad that so many Iraqis and others are dying over here. However, when you discover you have cancer the treatment is always the same - attack it at the source. You don’t wait for it to spread. And when is the last time you heard a doctor putting a limited timetable on cancer therapy? I can picture it in my mind. “Mr. Smith, we have seen some progress with your tumor. It’s shrinking. But we need to move on now. The timetable for treating you has passed. Good luck.”
That’s what some people are trying to tell Iraq just as hope is looming on the horizon. And that disgusts me.

I love the analogy!
And what's even better are the comments - be sure to read them. Quite revealing as to how misinformed alot of people are in this country. Even though time and time again it's been shown that this war is about so much more than just WMDs, I guess some people just don't want to hear any different than what they want to believe.
After you've read the above post and the comments, go to this soldier's reply to the post's commenters and again be sure to read the comments. My oh My! How I love this!

Annddd, after you've read that ~

Mudville Gazette has been posting "A Brief History of a Long War" (Iraq, 1990-2003):

Introduction (1990-1991)




I highly recommend reading the whole thing - maybe you'll learn something new. I sure did!
A long read for sure, but it's been a long time coming. And I'm sure you'll be surprised at some of the "events" that took place and by whom.

Thank you, Greyhawk, for taking the time to do this timeline!!

(My apologies if I didn't get the posts in order)