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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Our "Furry Warriors"

Only 20 more days and D~ will be home!!! I just can't wait! (sorry, that pops out of my mouth every time I think about it). It will be so good to have her here, where I can see her, touch her (I've already warned her that there will be a lot of hugging and patting) and talk to her without the line breaking up.
She called the other night to inform me that she had dissected a cat. It was a bit hard for her at first, as she was thinking about her 3 kitties at home. But once she got going, fascination took over. God, she's so like me - I used to love to watch my brother and his friends skin a woodchuck they'd just shot. I was so curious as to what was inside all that fur. (Now all you animal lovers out there, don't get your PETA Panties in a twist, my grandmother spent alot of time taking care of her vegetable garden and didn't want to lose it to the woodchucks - country living in the real sense). Anyway, D~ started talking about the procedure of removing the tongue - (I will not go into the details here in deference to those who do not have the same love of forensics, etc. as I do) and how they removed other things. Just listening to her I could hear the wonder of it all in her voice. It was so good to hear her all jazzed about what's she's learning. She has nothing but respect for her Captain who's teaching the classes. Says he's a tough and wonderful instructor and that the animals' care comes first. That means the most to her, as she is of the same mind. The dogs and cats should be considered soldiers too in my opinion, as they are serving by their participation in the training. I mean, I think they should get medals for being the pincushions so that the trainees can perfect their injection and blood drawing skills.
It's amazing how animals have long played a big part in the Military. And not just dogs and cats, but the horses that have carried Soldiers into battle for centuries, being warriors themselves. And the horses that carry the boots facing backwards of the Fallen Soldier, lending a grace all in it's own. Did you know that all the moves and dances done by the Lippizans were actually battle movements taught to them so they could "fight" along with their rider? And now in Afghanistan, horses and mules are being used to get our Marines and Soldiers to places that vehicles just can't go. These "furry warriors" are a well respected and integral part of our Military being the finest in the world.