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Sunday, December 18, 2005

OK, How Did It Get To Be One Week till Christmas?

D~ will be HOME in 3 Days!! I have been working on getting the house ready to decorate. In the middle of this rearranging and dusting, I looked at the carpet and I couldn't stand it anymore. So I got out the carpet shampooer and shampooed the hell out of it. Now, it's started to rain and we're bringing a tree into the house to shed it's needles and people will be coming and going, not to mention the dogs and cats leaving little muddy paw prints everywhere. But I just had to shampoo the carpet. It seemed to embody all the not wonderful stuff that has gone on this year in our family - every spot and tracked - in - whatever, just seemed to glare up at me in gleeful maliciousness. So I spent 3 hours removing all traces of this nastiness. HA! It was quite therapeutic. So I'm even further behind in my Christmas preparations. Oh well, the tree is up in our livingroom (with the very very clean carpet.) The tree is still naked but that will be rectified today.
Maybe the outside lights will even get put up today - if the rain stops for a bit and the wind dies down, that is. We're having a delightful coastal storm! I love storms! I also love how rain always makes frontpage news here in CA. Oh no! winds are up to 15 miles per hour! What will we do?!
Well, you could start building houses with basements and insulation and get over the mass denial that it doesn't get cold here in CA. And maybe remember that it gets like this every year. Just a thought...
I missed D~'s call last night - she left a short message and said she was going to bed. She soounded so tired. She's also had this cold that just won't go away. I have stocked up on the Vitamin C here. I also sent her some. Now she just needs to come home for a bit and rest up and get a good dose of Mommy love.
I can't wait!
So, now I'm off to unbury her room of all the stuff we've stored in there and start decorating the house.
Emmy Lou Harris is singing Christmas songs on the cd player, the coffee's on, the wind is blowing and the rain is coming down sideways!! I love Christmas! And my Baby Girl is coming home!