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Monday, December 26, 2005

Heading South

I hope you all had a terrific Christmas! We sure did!! Wonderful company, great stories told, laughter and lots of food. And best of all, my daughter sitting in our livingroom.
In a little while, we'll be heading down to N~'s Mom's house again to spend a few days with his family. (Hopefully, the hotel will have internet connection. Computer withdrawal is just nasty!) I'll be taking D~ to the Mall there - it's huge! She'll be in heaven! I try not to go to Malls myself as I prefer to do my shopping online. I mean, I'd pay someone to do my shopping for me! But it will be fun to bop around with D~ again and do the Mom and Daughter thing again. (Besides, this is the kid that got me on roller blades! Having survived that, malls are a snap! Plus, I don't fall down....)
SoI hope to catch up with you all again in a day or so ~