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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

We're Here!

N~ and I got in last night - Missouri is beautiful!! Reminds of of back home in New England. You look out the window and all you can see are red and yellow trees covering the Ozarks. After landing in St. Louis, we shuttled over to the rental car place to pick up the car I reserved, a full size, nothing special. When I mentioned that I was here for my daughter's graduation from Basic, the lovely young woman who was helping us said, "hold on, let me see if we have something better in back like a Chrysler 300." N~ and I looked at each other and shrugged, the Taurus would have been fine. Well, she came driving up from the back and I said, "Oh my god! That's a Jaguar!!" She got out and said, "We didn't have a 300, but we do have the Jag. Will that be alright?" I'm thinking, "Ka-ching, Ka-ching!" She said, " We like to do what we can to support the families of the soldiers when they come for Graduation. So I'll only charge you $20 more for this car." I started jumping up and down, thanking her profusely. See, Jaguars are on the top of my list of most favorite cars, not that I expect to own one anytime soon. I couldn't afford the parts nevermind the car! And it's one of D~'s favorites too. She'll be jumping up and down too! And does that baby handle! Oooooh!!

(13 more hours...)

We came in on Rt 44, otherwise known as Route 66. (Get your kicks on Rt 66! Remember that show? Great Corvette they had too.) We got lost at first getting to Rt 44 (yes D~, some things never change...)but finally got headed in the right direction. They still have all those billboards for the tourist attractions and trading posts along the road. Took me back to when I was a kid and we were traveling on the family vacation back east.

Arriving at the hotel, we were introduced to Missouri hospitality. Boy, the people here are so friendly, (especially after coming from CA...). We were so ready to get into our room and relax. We'd been traveling since 4:30 am and that makes for a long day. Have to say driving the Jag helped quite a bit. Yes, I drove it from St Louis - heh! I saw the signs for Ft Leonard Wood and thought, oh, she's so close! I shouted into the air, "We're here, D~! We're here!"

Had a good night sleep and got up, deciding to do some sight seeing. N~ was all excited as he saw alot of pawn shops, thinking of maybe coming onto a cool old guitar or two. I wanted to drive by the base at least. Well, one of the front desk people told us that the base is open to the public. That's all I needed to hear! So first thing we did was drive over there and go around D~'s area. I didn't see her, but I got to see where she is!! In fact, there were very few soldiers around at all. Didn't matter - I was there!

(12 1/2 more hours...)

Then we went pawn shop hopping. There aren't many pawn shops in our area back home so we had a lot of fun. I found the coolest knife in the first one we went to and a great p-coat in the second shop. Of course, we looked at the 9mils and 38's but had to pass those by as that certainly wouldn't have gone over at all in the airports. Oh well... There were lots of Army stuff to look through. It's amazing how many things I knew and could name. N~ told me to stop talking in acronyms.

And we kept seeing soldiers - everywhere! What a difference from central coast CA. N~ said I couldn't go up and hug them. We'd never get to eat! Plus, I'd embarrass them. (When did that ever stop me?) It was hard to do but I restrained myself, figuring I'd be doing a lot of huggin' tomorrow. So I sent them all a smile and a thought hug anyway. Then we took a sightseeing jaunt around to see the local area. I couldn't get over looking out on the hills all burnished in fall colors. I'll have pics when I get back home and can download the camera.

As we drove into the parking lot of the hotel, I noticed that it had filled up quite a bit with cars from Kansas, Texas, Arkansas, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Illinois and a few Missouri's. All the families of graduating soldiers arriving for Family Day tomorrow. You could tell from all the Support our Troops and flag magnets.

(12 more hours...)

Yes, D~, it is like Christmas Eve! Better even! ;0)