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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Usn's and Them's

Well. we've certainly been busy up on that hill in DC, haven't we? We've outlawed torture - again. We 've voted to have a plan and time table concerning the war. Oh! But we didn't vote for a set date to pull out the troops. I've been reading alot of blogs, military and political, both sides of the "Great Divide". Jonah at Argghhh! has some responses to EJ Dionne's take on the "Intelligence snafu" the Dems are claiming mislead them to support the war. And then there is the "oh no!" of Bush barking back at his retractors (and you know who you are) that has some people's knickers all in a twist on both sides. Then I was watching CSPAN today (I really should not start my day doing that....) and listening to "Our Elected" continue to take potshots at each other. Now, I'm not a political analyst, I'm just a citizen Mom who has lived damn near half a century and seen administrations come and go. I saw what happened during the Viet Nam war and then after. I've seen the mudslinging get thicker and faster every election year. I've seen elected officials at all levels get "caught" at some less than honest doings. I've seen people getting out there and yelling loud enough to get some less than honorable policies changed. I've seen Presidents who were effective and I've seen Presidents in so far over their heads, they hadn't seen a rational thought in months. I've seen lying, cheating, propagandizing, spinning and cowardly actions by "Our Elected". I've also seen some of "Our Elected" step up to the plate and take a good swing.
But right now I'm so disgusted by what is happening in our country, especially at a time of war. I hate the bickering, the finger pointing, the playground antics of grown men who are in positions of such power holding so many lives in their hands.
Reality> we are at war
Reality> they all lied in one way or another...think "political agenda". Think "I want to be elected."
Reality> we have troops deployed ("just doing my job, Ma'am")
Reality> Average Joe Citizen doesn't know all of what's going on and shouldn't, esp with the instant "newsflash!" capabilities of the net
Reality> we have the MSM doing their damndest to spin (it's the money, Duh!) to get those points no matter what the cost to our troops or the truth
Reality> alot of the energy that should be put into making the best possible outcome happen in Iraq and Afghanistan, is being used to jack up political agendas no matter what the cost to our troops or the people in Iraq and Afghanistan or the truth
Reality> the crap that is our nightly news does hurt the troops
All I can say is Get Over Yourselves. And consider doing something constructive for the big picture.
I've had it with the "he pushed me first" whining. I'm tired of people not taking responsibility for their own lives. I'm tired of a small group people who don't like a certain group, religion, concept, or way of life trying to make it against the friggin' law. I'm sick to death of the tolerance crowd, who are only tolerant of those who agree with them. I don't even talk to those who think they know best how I should live my life. And the less government in my livingroom the better.
or my bedroom. or my car.
So go read some Milblogs and see what the soldiers who just happen to be in Iraq and Afghanistan have to say. Then look for the military families blogs and read what they have to say.
I have several listed on the sidebar.