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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Texas Photos

D~ sent me a couple of pics of her travels off base. She took them with her cellphone! This sort of thing never ceases to amaze me! (Remember "Get Smart"? and the shoe phone?)
I'm so looking forward to visiting San Antonio!
She went to the Riverwalk and said we have to go there. Especially the "Purple Store" where everything is purple (maybe I'll find my hat...) I like purple. Then she went to the Alamo, another place I really want to see. I've always been a big Davy Crockett fan, starting back with "The Wonderful World Of Disney". I so wanted to go out and "wrassel baars" and live in a log cabin. Still do - well, maybe not the "baars" part. I was very jealous as a kid because my brother had a Davy Crockett rifle and the cap. (I got a Betsy Wetsy...) Well, he put it on the old steam radiator we had in the house back then and it melted. So for his 50th Christmas I found one from the same time (the good ol' 50's) on Ebay. And I got him a coonskin cap. We have some fine photos of an aging Davy! (Now if I could just find an old CalColt spring horse...Shhhh! I'm still looking!)
D~ is doing really well, likes the classes, has found people to hang around with and gets along with her roomie. This is such a relief to N~ and me. We so want her to be happy. This was such a major change for a CA beach kid. Whodda thunk?! I couldn't be more proud of her - she was so terrified in the beginning but stuck with it and gave it her all. What more can a parent ask for?