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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Still On The Road

But we're heading home. Got stuck in traffic going through L.A. which set us back a couple of hours heading north. So we decided to stop in Solvang for the night and do some Christmas shopping. It's a delightful little village full of fun shops and good restaurants. Makes getting gifts so easy for those "hard to buy for" people on the list! I mean, who doesn't like little windmills and wooden shoes? I admit it, I'm a souvenier junkie. Of course, that's not all they have - they have cuckoo clocks too! Seriously tho, if your in CA and want to find neat things to buy and like Monte Cristos, this is the place to come!!
And we didn't have computer access for 4 days!! N~ and I both were getting edgy. Withdrawals set in after about 36 hours. I couldn't check in with all my soldiers and blogger friends! I found myself wandering around the back yard, smoking alot and reading reading reading during my usual computer times. I see that I have a lot of catching up to do! My Mother in law gets the LA Times. I was tempted, I have to admit. But I stayed away from it - yup! didn't even pick it up to look at the headlines. Didn't want my mood soured. Plus the fact that my in laws are old time liberals. (I'm a doggone Independent!) I know how I get when I read the newspapers...and see the unsubstantiated "facts" reported as news. So it could have gotten a bit ugly as I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut. N~ appreciated my restraint.
So our Thanksgiving went well. Everybody behaved themselves and the visit was a good time for all. Aren't families fun? One just never knows what may transpire during conversations with people you haven't seen in a while. It keeps it exciting.
The best thing was that D~ and a couple of her buddies were adopted by a family for Thanksgiving Day. D~ was nervous about going at first but said she had a great time. They had a wonderful dinner and then the family took everybody to the movies. I'm so grateful for this family and thier kindness. Support of the soldiers also means support of the families too. I didn't know this when I started to support soldiers deployed overseas. But now that I'm on the other side of it with someone taking care of my Baby Girl while she's away from home, I can only say that if you are supporting a soldier, you have no idea how far reaching that support can be.
Our whole family breathed a sigh of relief knowing that D~ was spending the day with caring people.
Bless you all who support our Soldier Sons and Daughters!!!

Oooh! Time to go Shoppin'!!! WooHoo!