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Monday, November 21, 2005

Short Post

D~ called yesterday morning. I so love that she has her cellphone! She was in good spirits. That always makes my heart sing. She passed her first exam - YAY! Not that I was worried but she was - as usual. She and I both have in common that thing they call "test anxiety" today. I see questions with blank spaces after them and my mind goes as blank as the spaces. No matter how much I studied, no matter that I know the stuff frontwards and backwards, when I see those blank spaces - wham! All gone - does not compute - no files available - Fatal Error: this program will shut down. Gad! I hated those Essay tests! You know, the ones where you had to bring to your exam one of those little booklets that were just filled with BLANK PAGES!! No clues, no tips, no hints. Just a question or statement and blank pages. I still have nightmares about those.
Her classes are very wide ranging. She's doing a 2 year course in Vet Tech in 12 weeks. She can go from Microbiology to Injections in the course of one day! Whew! Better D~ than me.
Not many people even know that the Army has a Veterinarian Unit. I believe the Air Force is the only other branch that does. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Are there any other 91 Tangos out there? I'd love to hear from you.