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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Prayers Needed

DevilDog has a post up about a Military Mom whose son is very sick.

"A Military Mom at Updates on my soldier has a son, Dan, deployed in Iraq. Dan is doing OK right now however "Mom's" other son Dave is critically ill. He is in the hospital now with a staph and strep infection. The infections damaged the valve in his heart. Dave is having heart surgery to repair the damaged valve on Monday."

Please send some prayers and go over to "Mom's" site and lend some support.

Also, DevilDog found a letter written by a father whose son was killed in Iraq on Patriotic Mom's blog. It's a must read.

Fellow Americans:
I'm so very proud of my son who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
He knew the mission was important, and he understood that the war in Iraq was central to the war on terrorism.
Sadly, my son (Lance Cpl. Michael Jason Williams) lost his life in combat in this war. My life changed forever when I got a knock at my door, informing me that Michael had been killed in action.
My son is my hero.
As a father, I can't tell you what a gut-wrenching blow it was, and still is. Not a day goes by I don't think about my child. But, I want to tell you something: the Anti-American, anti-war crowd that pretends to 'support the military, but not the mission' are a pack of liars.

Read it all

I can only slightly begin to imagine what it is to lose a child in war. I know how hard it hit me when one of my soldiers I sent letters and packages to, was killed over there. I had never met him in person, but got to know him a bit through correspondance. So to lose your child and become a "Gold Star" parent has to be the ultimate anguish. So we need to let the parents who have given the Ultimate Sacrifice know that their sons and daughters have not died in vain. And we need to let the families of the Troops there now know that we have their backs here on the homefront. Please go to Move America Forward and give it a read. Please don't be silent in your support for our Military and their families. They need us to counter all the media's "darlings" of the moment who are slanting the perception in this country.